Spend some time at USA's Character Arcade

I had some downtime this weekend (read: I left my house twice because my sinuses were attacking me), so once I cleared all the outstanding shows off my DVR, I needed something else to do!  I found myself clicking on the banner to the right, and ended up spending hours on USA’s Character Arcade, trying to beat high score after high score on a wide variety of games!

My personal favorite is Character Mahjong – match up your favorite USA characters and shows as you try to clear board after board in a take on the classic.

I’m also a big fan of Felix-RX which happens to be this week’s game of the week.  Match at least three pills and make sure Felix gets his drugs!  It’s like Tetris but there’s medicine and psychadelic backgrounds involved!

Check out all of the games over at the Character Arcade, and check back here over the next few weeks, to see what the game of the weeks is, and what great prizes you can win (an IPod Touch, a PSP Go, a Wii Party Bundle).  Let us know what you think!