tsccFans of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, don’t forget that the Season 2 DVD comes out today – make sure you tell everyone that loved this dearly departed series to go out and pick up their copy (click the picture and you’ll get taken to the Amazon.com order page).

Our good friends over at Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles are trying their hardest to get, at the very least, a 2 hour movie made!  Do your part to help get some closure!

What’s that?  You’d like a copy for yourself but can’t get to a store?  Okay, you wore me down!  Enter here to win yourself a copy of the Season 2 DVD!  To enter, leave a comment telling us what would you like to see happen in a 2 hour movie?

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  • Patty

    I want to know how and what the eff Cameron is. Is she good? Is she bad? And is future John Conner really all knowing?

  • Anei

    I want to know what Sarah does now that she’s left behind without John, and where is Jesse?

  • Lauren

    In the future! war I’d like to see a collaboration between Derek, Kyle, and Allison that educates John on how to be the leader of mankind.

    In present day I’d like to see Sarah employ investigative skills and Bad Ass-ery tracking down little Danny Dyson. But with someone a bit more dynamic than Ellison. He seems to bore Sarah.

    At some point I would like to see a mother and son reunion because who else is Sarah going to make pancakes for?

  • Kim

    If we could get a movie straight to DVD. These are some of the questions I would like answered.

    I want to know what happens to John since he’s time jumped into the future where he’s not recognized by any of the Resistance fighters or Derek or Allison.
    I want to know how John develops either a relationship or friendship with Allison in this future timeline that he’s in.
    I definitely want to know what happens to Sarah and Mr. Ellison since they decided not to jump with John and Catherine Weaver.
    Also, how does John turn into the future leader of the Resistance fighters?
    And I want Cameron back! John Henry has her chip!
    And most important, did Ellison pick up Savannah at school??
    I need to know! We need to know!
    Bring back a Season 3 of TSCC!

  • Teresa

    I would like to see the growth of John Connor into the leader of mankind. The will they/wont they relationship between John and Alison and the return of Cameron would also be really interesting as well as Sarah’s attempts to stop Judgement Day. It would also be great to tie up a few loose ends such as exactly what Skynets interest in Savannagh Weaver is and John Henry’s growth into a possible humanlike entity…of course…I love everything about TSCC so I’d even be happy with 2 hours of watching Sarah go to more UFO conventions…. 🙂

  • darkchet

    I want to see John Connor facing the future he dreads and with the help of Derek, Kyle, Allison and Bedell, finally understand and accept his role as leader of the Resistance and learn what it takes for him to fulfill this role.

    I want him to find Cameron’s chip and find her body, hidden in a safe place for Sarah after his departure from the past.

    I want to see John and Cameron return to the past to try to change the destiny of humanity, not avoiding the Judgement Day, but forming the resistance earlier and stronger.

  • Kevin

    Questions for season 3:

    Will John and Allison get it on in the future? Will there be a love triangle if Cameron is re-created? Is Jesse still alive and will she band with Allison to destroy Cameron?

    What’s Sarah going to do to while away the time?

    Will Weaver come back to the present again? Will Sarah have the temerity to call her a bitch again?

    All these unresolved plot lines! I miss the show.

  • What could I possibly say that hasn’t been said already… well… In order to get some closure and let’s say that this movie is going to be the ending for the entire series- assuming there will never be a Season 3, then here’s what I’m thinking.

    – I would like the answer to Cameron’s “mission”.
    – More of an explanation of Catherine Weaver’s mission.
    – The growth of John Connor as a leader.
    – An ending that no one will expect. Either:
    A.) John Connor chooses to stay in the future and grows up in the war he thought would never witness. -or-
    B.) John goes back to the past to find out his mother, Sarah, died. How? Not sure yet, but I think this would be important to witness as an audience and to see that it was NOT cancer that killed her.

    – Possible both (A) and (B) could happen. We don’t have to see John go back in time, but we could see how Sarah dies. Maybe, Ellison witnesses her death. I think the irony would be great if Ellison tried (and failed) to save the life of the woman he’s been trying to catch for years.

    – While John is in the future, because of his knowledge of fighting machines at a young age, he earns his respect of leadership skills while learning how to fight with the resistance.

    – Lastly, have Catherine Weaver fight with John Connor. I believe this would be interesting. If John can have a terminator fighting beside him (like Cameron, Arnold) why not have a T-1001 this time. The future would certainly look more hopeful.

    Obviously this 2-hour movie would probably take a course of a day or so, so not a whole lot can happen, but a hopeful ending is better than a cliffhanger.

  • I want to know what year John traveled to. I want to see him get together with Allison. I want to know the dog’s name, or was that Weaverbot in a fur suit? I want to know where John Henry went and how was he affected by downloading onto Cameron’s chip. I want to know what happened to Danny Dyson. Is Morris a resistance fighter? Will John be able to fight Skynet there or will he have to go back in time again to do it. Did Sarah die or is she still alive? Did Ellison raise Savannah or did she go to the real Weaver’s brother?

  • I would like to see a resolution to the whole disparate times scenario. It was a killer finale, so I’m looking forward to see exactly how the writers would propose bridging the impossible gap. Also I always found the backstory behind Catherine Weaver fascinating, so ideally I would have liked to see more of her life prior to being taken over. I enjoyed the Future War aspect of the show, especially the strings between the submarine and the Resistance, so ideally it would explore more of that particular aspect.

    For the two-movie, I feel like the best ending would have been a “self-implode,” that is to have an ending which wrapped up this chapter without making it extraneous. Perhaps the series could end with John Connor performing some sort of sacrifice in his current age to be sent back into the year 2000. While I’m not suggesting it fold into Terminator 3, the series should end as a story that can be reset. A lot of interesting character development happens in the series, which is important, but you wouldn’t want the events to betray the first two films too seriously. Perhaps John could even choose to remain in the future, usurping his older self, with a better understanding of what went wrong. Ideally the suspense and intrigue of the series could be built by having John Connor killed in the future, but not specifying WHICH, which causes an intriguing mystery for the film, and provides a more rational and less absurd ending that Terminator: Salvation.

  • I would like to see John rise as a leader and show himself that he can do it and that it is necessary. No one else can do the job.

    I want to see how Sarah and John deal with being separated, which was in a way by choice.

    I think it would be really great if somehow Sarah was still alive in the future John is in, but not sure how realistic that is.

    I would like to see Martin Bedell show up. Could be a good way for John to step up as leader–have someone who can vouch for him.

    I want to find out once and for all what Cameron’s end game is. Because I don’t think it’s simply to protect John. I think there’s something else, and I don’t think it’s related to Skynet. I think this is something John ordered or something that was requested for John.

    More Chola!

    And really, I don’t want a two-hour movie. I want at least 13 episodes, then maybe another 13 episodes for season 4.

    It’ll be interesting to see how different this Derek is and to see John be able to get to know his father, who is for once older than him. And assuming he’s going back to the past, I think it’ll be valuable for him to get to know his father before truly having to lead the Resistance.

    I would like to somehow figure out if Cameron wanted John to follow her, if she knew what she was going to do before she did it, and why she kept the “will you join us” meaning a secret from John.

    I think John Henry needs an awesome reason for jumping to the future.

    More John and Catherine.

    Older Savannah in the future.

    And really what else is there? Especially if there’s only two hours to do so.