Let me be the first to admit that I’m not sure THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE: TBL is my style and I don’t think it’s going to hold my attention past episode 2 (since I’m on a “give everything a second episode” kick this season).  I’m certainly not in the CW’s demographic for this series, and I didn’t like what I saw in the pilot (correction: the 30-minute pilot presentation (thanks Feinberg!)).  The acting is not nearly as wooden as I would have expected, so that’s saying a little something, but the dialogue and the storylines seem clunky and predictable.  Mischa Barton has to struggle with her real life troubles and play a character on screen suffering from some of the very same issues, and while she looks fabulous, the same old Marisa Cooper “dead-eyes” acting issue rises to the surface, causing her to fall to my least character spot.  Sara Paxton is a cutie and I find her totally relatable, but there was not much else holding my interest.

Having said that, if they can prove me wrong after episode 2, I will be the first to admit that I was too quick to judge!  For those of you looking for some pretty images from the show, check out the pics after the jump!