10 Reasons to watch 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU

10-Things-I-Hate-About-you-promo-pictures-10-things-i-hate-about-you-tv-show-7127189-604-542The finale of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU airs tonight on ABC Family and I really, really, really think you guys need to tune in!  After last week’s episode, I basically ran to the computer to check out the screener of the finale that ABC Family made available to me.  The one-two punch of these episodes prompted me to immediately tweet that I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do without 10 THINGS!

In honor of tonight’s finale, called “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” and focusing on an unlikely bond between Kat and Chastity, and some movement in the Patrick and Kat relationship, here are the 10 reasons you should watch!

10-Things-I-Hate-About-You-promo-pictures-10-things-i-hate-about-you-tv-show-7127255-368-4921.  The show has separated itself from the movie enough that I’ve stopped constantly drawing comparisons between the two, and they can be viewed as two separate entities!  Sure, they’re living all of the teen movie cliches, but they’re doing it in the new-Kat, new-Bianca, new-Patrick ways!

2.  Patrick + Kat = True Love.  I love the slow burning of the relationship between Kat and Patrick.  They have incredible chemistry, and I find myself absolutely rooting for whatever happens next!

3.  Along those lines – Ethan Peck is so incredibly dreamy, with that deep voice, and the piercing eyes, and the curly hair.  I cannot get enough!

10-Things-I-Hate-About-you4.  The family dynamic.  Larry Miller’s dad character is hilarious.  He’s doing his Larry Miller thing and it’s totally awesome.  He is actually, to an exaggerated degree, just how my dad is to me and @mc_brainz.  And Kat and Bianca love and hate each other exactly how Brains and I did in high school!

5.  The principal of the high school is totally favorite unsung character.  She has some of the best lines!

6.  Group singalong!  In the quad-type-cafeteria-area!

7.  For those of you into that type of thing – Catholic-school girl type of uniforms on Kat, Chastity, Bianca, etc!

10-Things8.  The show is funny.  It’s not pretentious, it’s not too smart for its own good, and the actors are genuinely charmingly funny!

9.  The big shows haven’t started premiering yet!  And, you can watch this and catch MELROSE PLACE in a rerun on Friday night or Sunday night!  No need to miss this gem!

10.  Because you will not regret it!  It’s an easy half hour to pass the time!  Definitely tune in and let me know what you think?