Fridays this fall!


I’m not home much on Friday nights, so here’s what I’ll be recording!

At 8:00

Supernanny (ABC), Ghost Whisperer (CBS), Law & Order (NBC), Brothers (FOX), Smallville (CW)

Nothing terribly exciting for me, but the latest season of SMALLVILLE should prove interesting, especially with Brian Austin Green and Callum Blue around!  And BROTHERS?  Not funny.  Not watching.

At 8:30

‘Til Death (FOX), everything else is the same

Will never watch.  Ever.

At 9:00

Ugly Betty (ABC), Medium (CBS), Southland (NBC), Dollhouse (FOX), America’s Next Top Model rerun (CW), Monk (USA)

Man alive, Fridays at 9 are a busy place!  I’ll definitely have SOUTHLAND in the living room, and I’m giving DOLLHOUSE the living room slot, in case the family happens by to watch with me.  UGLY BETTY and  MONK will go to the bedroom.  And I’ve never watched MEDIUM, so I see no need to now!

At 10:00

20/20 (ABC), Numb3rs (CBS), The Jay Leno Show (NBC), Psych / White Collar (USA)

10:00 on Fridays are all about USA – I’ll watch PSYCH until the season’s over, then tune in to watch WHITE COLLAR starting October 23!

What about you?  What are you watching?