Wednesdays this fall


I had to move to 6 colors in my color coding scheme to account for everything happening on Wednesdays!  Jump for some details!

At 8:00

Hank (ABC), The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS), Mercy (NBC), So You Think You Can Dance (FOX), America’s Next Top Model (CW)

Starting with what I’m definitely watching – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is my number one!  I’ll record it, but will actually most likely watch it live!  OLD CHRISTINE is a standby that I always record.  AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL is a show I watch in the background on a marathon day of cleaning, and though I hated the pilot, I’m giving MERCY a second-episode chance to prove me wrong!  And sorry, HANK.  Can’t do it….

At 8:30

The Middle (ABC), Gary UnMarried (CBS), everything else is the same

I really enjoyed the pilot for THE MIDDLE, so I’m adding it to the list this year.  I’m skipping GARY UNMARRIED because as much as I like Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall, I just don’t think it’s funny.

At 9:00

Modern Family (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS), Law & Order: SVU (NBC), Glee (FOX), The Beautiful Life: TBL (CW), Ghost Hunters (Syfy)

Maybe my favorite hour of TV this fall – GLEE and MODERN FAMILY were high atop the “favorite new Fall show” list this season, and I can’t wait to see more than the first three GLEEs and the first MODERN FAMILY.  I think they’ll both be huge!  SVU is a standby for me – I watch that on lazy Sundays because I love me some Chris Meloni!  CRIMINAL MINDS is one of those shows that my family and friends offline watch, so it’s something to chat about with them.  I’m giving TBL a chance to prove me wrong in episode 2, and GHOST HUNTERS is a standby I can’t do without!

At 9:30

Cougartown (ABC), everything else is the same

I might be in the minority (I’m not seeing glowing reviews across the board), but I really enjoyed the COUGARTOWN pilot and I look forward to more.  Courteney Cox was my favorite FRIEND.  Add in Josh Hopkins, Dan Byrd, and Busy Phillipps, and I’m good to go!

At 10:00

Eastwick (ABC), CSI: NY (CBS), The Jay Leno Show (NBC), Nip/Tuck (FX)

Another slow 10PM hour – I’m tuning into NIP/TUCK out of a need to see it through to the end, since I’ve seen every prior episode.  CSI:NY is the only CSI that I watch.  Once again, skipping LENO, and I’m going to give EASTWICK a second episode to prove me wrong!  Also, it’s not on the schedule because I don’t watch it all the time, but I will never turn off DESTINATION TRUTH if it happens to be on!

What about you?  What are you watching?