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Tonight is the finale of USA’s hit ROYAL PAINS and I’ve teamed up with my friends at Electric Artists to offer a prize in celebration – enter today only!  Read on for more info!

Royal Pains, the biggest hit of the summer, wraps up season one Thursday, August 27th at 10/9c. Hank treats a woman suffering from hallucinations, Divya and Raj fret over their engagement party, and Jill’s feelings for Hank come in question. Join other fans on Facebook, Twitter and on the Official Website.

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Just tell us what you loved most about this first season* or what you want to see in Season 2!!

*Giveaway is open to US Residents, 18 or older

  • I loved the season. I’d love to see more about Evan’s past in the future and I LOVED the funny antics they all had.

  • I loved the developing relationship between Evan and Divya. I think they have a begrudging respect for each other, since none of their verbal sparring is mean-spirited.

  • Vickie

    Everything about Royal Pains is great. The characters are fantastic and complex. The acting is fabulous. I hope season 2 will give us more information on all the characters. I want to see more of Tucker and Libby! I love the relationship between Tucker and Hank. This show is serious and funny all at the same time, and a great companion to Burn Notice.

  • Rick Bannister

    I like the show, the cast seems to have a great dynamic as a whole. I love Divya and her interactions with Evan. I like Tucker & the friction between his dad and Hank. The Baron and Hank have a good storyline going.

    The scenery in the Hamptons is lovely to see. Keep those writers going, let’s get more episodes written that are called for and see if you can sneak some more in!!!

  • andrea

    I love the vibe, the tone, and the light spontaneity that it suggest, it makes you feel that everything is possible, and that one should enjoy life (in a healthy way) more, and worry less…..

  • Kamil

    I want divya to get married in season 2!

  • Nicole

    My favorite moment is the interactions between Divya and Evan! I think they are hilarious together, and they have such great chemistry! It is my favorite part of the show, and I can’t wait to see more next season!

  • Carly

    I love all the cast members and how they portrayed the Hamptons. It was great to see all the local shops/businesses get national TV air time. And I dig how Evan and Divya have this great love/hate relationship. This really was a great show and I am looking forward to next season!!!

  • Tara Crabtree

    I really enjoy the show. I like Hank’s ability to improvise in any situation, and I also love the conflict between Divya and Evan. As disappointing as it is to see Jill’s ex husband come back around, you knew it was too good between Hank and Jill to last too long. I can’t wait to see what happens with Divya’s engagement.

  • Rick Rogers

    I’d love to see Evan and Divya get together in the second season. I think they’d make a much better couple than her British suitor!

  • Eric Paul

    Loved the interactions with Tucker!
    Next season would love to see more Tucker and Boris.
    Keep the friction between Divya and Evan. Not to mention the love interests….

  • Greg

    I love the chemistry between Hank and Jill. I could do without the whole Charlie (Jill’s huband) storyline. Sign the divorce papers Charlie! Let the Hank and Jill story play out.

  • gr8chefmb

    I loved absolutely everything about the first season and can’t think of anything changing for the second season, except perhaps toning Evan down just a bit…give him something to do besides being a thorn in Divya’s side…LOL! Actually, it might be kind of fun for Divya and Evan have a relationship of some sort. I enjoyed watching Mark Feuerstein in 3 Lbs. and was sad when it was cancelled. I am glad he is back in another kind quirky role.

  • What makes Royal Pains so great is the contrast between the brothers. They could not be more different in the way they think about things. Hank keeps Evan grounded, but Evan still gets into situations that keep the show interesting, such as going on that yacht to treat a patient he did not know. Then they find out he is a wanted man, but it is too late! I love it!

  • Ed

    I think the first season was well done and sets the stage for a (hopefully) long run. I’ve enjoyed learning about the characters personalities and quirks. The mystery around Boris is getting a little long in the tooth though. We got a glimpse of why he may originally offered Hank a job, but I’d like to see that develop more in Season 2. Unless Royal Pains can match Moonlighting for relationship drama (which I don’t think they can), resolve the Jill thing, too. Maybe a love triangle?

  • Jeanne

    I love how cleverly Hank figures out what is going on with the patient each week. I especially loved the episode when Divya and Evan are on the boat and had to put fish hooks in the guy.

  • cody gude

    this first season was really great. no wonder it was the most watched new show on cable! i love how its not a typical medical show. theres humor and drama. i hope to see more of tucker and his hilarious girlfriend in the 2nd season.

  • Leslie Seinfeld

    This is one of the best shows on summer television. From the first show to the season finale (which is coming way too soon for me) the show has kept me entertained. Living on Long Island also helped get me into it.

    I would love to see Hank take on the Gardners in the second season and prove once and for all that he did NOT make any mistakes in his treatment. I would also love to see his ex-fiance meet up with him in the Hamptons and see her smug face disappear when she gets a gander at where he is now residing. A far cry from his Brooklyn apartment with no furniture.

    I would like to see more of Tucker and his Dad, but most of all more BORIS!!! He just cannot die, Hank has got to find some experimental drug to save him or find out that it’s not really a disease at all, but something that can be fixed some other way (organic foods, special diet, etc).

    This is one great show and I’m so very glad it was a hit.

  • Kyle

    What wasn’t there to like? The Barkmitsvah was excellent!

  • I loved everything about Royal Pains. l’m such a big fan and can’t wait for season 2! l hope they do more with Divya and Evan, and Hank and Jill, cause Charlie needs to leave!

  • MJ

    The whole season was excellent and I’m happy we’re getting a second season. I’ve loved seeing the transition in Hanks life, but I’ve also loved watching Evan and how he is not only learning more about himself, but helping Hank and Divya learn more about themselves.

  • Ashley R.

    I loved season 1! it was awesome, I’m hooked with Royal Pains. But on season two, I would want to see Divia and Evan get closer (of course for this to happen Divia would have to come back, which she should!). I’d also like to see Hank not be romanticly involved for a while, he’s suffered enough.

  • Stephanie

    I like the chemistry among Divia, Hank and Evan.

  • Amanda Lyninger

    All of the characters just blend together so well. I would like it if Jill and her husband got divorced, because I think that its very apparent that she is very in love with Hank and doesn’t know what to do right now.

  • The show is great, I love the smart humor. I would love to see more episodes with deeper character development and also some more general ailments, not someone almost dying every episode

  • Sammy

    I want to see Evan and Divya get together.

  • I don’t even like the show…but my roommate does, and that’s enough for me.

  • I loved how the characters interact with one another. There were many great episodes, but I’m particularly fond of the one with the couple as a writer and illustrator. Just seemed to connect with me and the illustrator reminded me of a lot of people I know xD

  • Timothy W.

    More Boris. The dude is creepy and cool at the same time!

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