The cure for MONK ending? A GIVEAWAY!

MONK premiereDon’t miss the start of the 8th and final season of MONK on USA NETWORK, Friday at 9/8c. Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG award winner Tony Shalhoub returns as the obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk with 16 brand-new laugh-inducing episodes. The final season promises to be a memorable one for all Monk fans. So tune in and watch one of the most successful series in basic cable history give its final farewell. Become a fan on Facebook, Follow Monk on Twitter, and play Monk games on USA’s Character Arcade.

I have to say, I’ve watched this episode 3 times now as well, because I’m not ready to let this one go yet!  To cure the pain of MONK taking his final bow, I’ve teamed up with USA and Electric Artists to offer some truly fantastic prizes!

Grand Prize Winner will receive:
Monk Season 6 DVD
Monk Season 7 DVD
Monk Novel
Monk T-Shirt
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1st Prize Winner will receive:
Monk T-Shirt
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Entering is easy as always!  Check out the clip of our favorite characters saying good-bye to Mr. Monk.  Just tell us what your favorite memory of 7 seasons of MONK has been!

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  • Kyle

    The airplane “Pete and Repeat..” sequence will always be my favorite.

  • I loved when the Captain was living w/ Monk

  • Sammy

    When Monk met the astronaut. :]

  • I love the moment in Natalie’s first episode where she tells the guy dressed an an amobo acid that she doesn’t want to know more. He’s crushed, but that was the moment that Monk first really liked her. You could see it on his face.

    I also loved the “talk” that Monk had with Julie in Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees.

    Okay, so I can’t pick just one.

  • Erik

    That’s a tough one. I’d have to go with “Mr. Monk Buys a House,” both for the touching tribute to Stanley Kamel and the hilarious Brad Garrett.

  • i loved the episode where Monk had to go to a cabin and hid from a murderer , and then he had to solve a murder there . Murder just follows him everywhere

  • David

    I liked it when Snoop Dogg was on.

  • The episode where the captain stayed with Monk and Monk had to explain why he left the coffee table crooked. The only thing not straight in his house, or life. Very moving.

  • i know alot of others say this to, but my favorite moment is when monk when crazy on the garbage episode, tried to clean up the city by himself, and blamed the murder on alice cooper, ive never laughed so hard, prouble never will

  • cody

    my favorite memory, although its hard to just pick one, is got to be when steve zahn guest starred.

  • Becky

    My favorite memories of Monk are… When he is doing the River Dance and freaking out when he thinks he has inhaled some reefer. When he is hypnotized and resorts back to being a little boy. The episode with his friend Hal which made me feel sorry for Monk. I love all the shows where his brother Ambrose is in them…. like when he thought he ate a candy bar that was going to kill him. I hope some of his family members will be in the final season.. Ambrose.. Jack jr…… his dad…………

    So many favorites! His biggest fan Marcy…. lol she was a nut job! Or when he gets drunk at the vineyard……. Anyways, too many to count! I will dearly miss Monk! Such a great quality show!

  • Hannah

    I loved the episode with Tommy. ‘Mr Monk and the Kid’. I almost cried at the end!

  • Dave

    I love when Mr. Monk calls 911 because he temporarily adopted a 2 year old named Toby and he pooped in his diaper and he didn’t know what to do.

  • Todd

    In “Mr. Monk and the Blackout” when Monk tells his date he was born naturally but raised caesarian. Funniest line ever.

  • CandyMaize

    My favorite is when Monk overcame his fears in order to help save Natalie.

  • When monk went through the trash. He should have melted down and died if it wasn’t for the focus.

  • Tricia Z

    I liked the episode where he thought Trudy was still alive-cliffhanger!

  • Joyce

    Just everything in Mr. Monk and the Kid.

  • Amber

    I have to pick a single favorite?! xD

    Pretty much any scene that had Sharona essentially telling him to stop being such a baby was hilarious. I loved the dynamic between the two of them. So glad she’s making a guest appearance this season!

  • Laura

    I love when he loses his phobias due to that radical treatment, at least temporarily. A close second is when he meets his nemesis, i.e. the sloppy detective played by George Costanza.

  • My favorite episode (if i had to pick) was “Mr. Monk Buys a House” it was really touching, and even made me cry. It was a fitting goodbye to Stanely Kamel. Dr. Kroger will be missed.
    I also loved Steve Zahn’s character. He always cracks me up.

  • Bev

    Monk is buried alive, his air is running out, and Trudy’s spirit visits. We get to see how much love they had between them, and understand a little bit more why Monk doesn’t want to let go of Trudy. Nevertheless, when she basically tells him not to die, Monk listens. He has a smile on his face when his rescuers open the coffin he was buried in.

  • Jen

    haha, I LOVED the episode “Mr.Monk on Wheels”, especially the whole “karma chips” gag throughout the episode! The entire episode was hilarious and had me laughing uproariously with each injury Monk suffers.

  • Steve

    I liked Mr. Monk goes back to school, because as soon as you saw the title, you knew what kinds of things were going to happen to him, making the episode hilarious.

  • Emily

    My favorite memory was when Monk met his half-brother, Jack Jr. (Steve Zahn).

  • I love when monk is trying to be cool….

  • Bri

    My favorite moment out of all the monk episodes is gonna have to be when he was in the car with natalie outside of the chess players house, and he came outside to give them some drinks. after natalie started drinking her lemonade, monk is like “that cood be poison” and she starts freaking out and is like “WHY’D U LET ME DRINK IT” and hes like “if you died we’d get the evidence we need”, definately an lol moment

  • Ellen Williams

    Monk in the clean room when the garbage strike was going on. Classic Monk!

  • My fave moment is also from the garbage strike ep, but it’s when Monk takes down the perp at the dump. Too often the show seems to forget that Monk was a cop &, despite his phobias, still possess those skills. And he did it for Natalie. What an amazing team!

  • Margie

    I loved when Captain Stottlemeyer confessed his admiration & affection for Monk, albeit mistakenly to Randy. lol Leland, you big softie…

  • Anabel Sanchez

    My favorite moment is from “Mr. Monk and the Kid” when Monk gets temporary custody of a young boy. I loved this entire episode because it was very emotional and it brought forth a different side of Monk. Monk usually gets emotional when talking about Trudy, but this time he was able to bond with the child and have an emotional father/son connection with him. It was just so cute seeing Monk play with Tommy and roll around in the grass not even caring that he was getting dirty. This is my favorite moment because it showed that Monk’s OCD was really improving. It was just nice to see Monk show more emotion especially since he was able to have the son he and Trudy always wanted.

  • Timothy W.

    When Monk solves the case via chewing gum. Gum he picked up off the floor. Uggh, and I’m not a germaphobe like Monk.

  • DG

    my favorite memory was of monk in a cabin trying to solve a murder and stay alive. hahah not sure why that was funny but it was. it’s all in the acting at that point! 🙂