Emmy Hopes 2009 – Guest Actor / Actress DRAMA and COMEDY

emmyIt’s Emmy time again!  This week is always so exciting as the last minute predictions make their way around the internets.  I just want to put it out there that I rarely agree with the Emmy voters on what’s funny and what I think is a dramatic performance worthy of accolades, but there are times when they’re right on the money.  Here’s what I’m thinking I would love to hear come Emmy award nominations, announced Thursday, July 16, by Chandra Wilson and Jim Parsons (please note that I don’t know enough about the Miniseries to weigh in on those categories)!

Keep in mind that the ideas I express below are simply my opinion, and I realize that I’m totally neglecting some amazing perfomances, but this is what I would LOVE to see, not what I expect to see!

Guest Actor DRAMA (a few names I’d like to hear) – Gaius Charles, Scott Porter – FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS; Bradley Cooper, NIP/TUCK; Michael J Fox, RESCUE ME

Guest Actress DRAMA – Lizzy Caplan, TRUE BLOOD; Jennifer Westfeldt, GREY’S ANATOMY; Sharon Gless, NIP/TUCK

Guest Actor COMEDY – Nate Corddry, UNITED STATES OF TARA; Callum Keith Rennie, CALIFORNICATION; Justin Timberlake, SNL

Guest Actress COMEDY – Beth Grant, PUSHING DAISIES; Amy Ryan, THE OFFICE; Ally Sheedy, PSYCH

What do you think?