Emmy Hopes 2009 – Supporting Actor / Actress DRAMA

emmyIt’s Emmy time again!  This week is always so exciting as the last minute predictions make their way around the internets.  I just want to put it out there that I rarely agree with the Emmy voters on what’s funny and what I think is a dramatic performance worthy of accolades, but there are times when they’re right on the money.  Here’s what I’m thinking I would love to hear come Emmy award nominations, announced Thursday, July 16, by Chandra Wilson and Jim Parsons (please note that I don’t know enough about the Miniseries to weigh in on those categories)!

Keep in mind that the ideas I express below are simply my opinion, and I realize that I’m totally neglecting some amazing perfomances, but this is what I would LOVE to see, not what I expect to see!


Supporting Actor

  1. Jamie Bamber / James Callis, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – I’d be happy to see either of these men take a nomination.  They are both brilliant and both have the ability to inspire me and make me cry!
  2. Zach Gilford / Jesse Plemmons / Taylor Kitsch, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – Gilford for everything he does.  Plemmons for turning a not-so-gorgeous-dude into a leading man.  Kitsch for NEW YORK, NEW YORK and that final scene with 6!
  3. Justin Chambers, GREY’S ANATOMY – He continues to be one of the underestimated of the cast – he’s really shown that he is brilliant, and that final scene with Izzie flatlining?  It’s because of Justin Chambers that I was a real mess.
  4. Walton Goggins, THE SHIELD – there’s nothing really to say other than he’s simply brilliant and his work in the final season was incomparable.
  5. Sebastian Stan / Christopher Egan, KINGS – the sons of Silas, one biological, one metaphorical, these two more than proved their mettle against the brilliant Ian McShane.  Though I doubt the academy will recognize it, they are two of the most talented men on TV!
  6. Michael Emerson / Jeremy Davies / Josh Holloway / Henry Ian Cusick, LOST – it’s so hard to pick my favorite of this bunch.  Emerson does creepy better than anyone.  Davies and Holloway had episodes that tore me into pieces, and Desmond is the heart of this story.  Anyone would make me happy!

Probable spoilers:  William Shatner, BOSTON LEGAL; John Noble, FRINGE; Aaron Paul, BREAKING BAD; Vincent Kartheiser, MAD MEN

Supporting Actress

  1. Elaine Cassidy, HARPER’S ISLAND – May be a weird choice, but she was brilliant towards the end of the series as this woman running for her life and sad for her family and friends and crying, and running, and brave.  Accent issues aside, she was wonderful!
  2. Connie Britton / Aimee Teegarden / Adrienne Palicki, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – Britton for being a total bad ass mama who is so much more.  Aimee Teegarden for the scene where she cries to Britton about Coach not seeing his little girl anymore.  Adrienne Palicki for everything she does!
  3. Katherine Heigl / Sandra Oh / Chandra Wilson, GREY’S ANATOMY – I think Heigl has this one sewn up, but Oh and Wilson were both fantastic this season as they dealt with their own turmoil and Izzie’s cancer.
  4. Miriam Shor, SWINGTOWN – Yeah, I get that I’m totally out on a limb with this one, but her Janet was one of the greatest characters of the season!
  5. Susanna Thompson, KINGS – Ruthless, cold, calculated, a perfect queen, a not so perfect mother.  She is amazing.
  6. Elizabeth Mitchell, LOST – When she let go, I broke down into sobs that I didn’t ever expect.  Please let her be nominated.  Please!!

Probable spoilers:  The women of IN TREATMENT; the women of BIG LOVE; Cherry Jones, 24; Rose Byrne, DAMAGES.

What do you think?