Emmy Hopes 2009 – Supporting Actor / Actress COMEDY

emmyIt’s Emmy time again!  This week is always so exciting as the last minute predictions make their way around the internets.  I just want to put it out there that I rarely agree with the Emmy voters on what’s funny and what I think is a dramatic performance worthy of accolades, but there are times when they’re right on the money.  Here’s what I’m thinking I would love to hear come Emmy award nominations, announced Thursday, July 16, by Chandra Wilson and Jim Parsons (please note that I don’t know enough about the Miniseries to weigh in on those categories)!

Keep in mind that the ideas I express below are simply my opinion, and I realize that I’m totally neglecting some amazing perfomances, but this is what I would LOVE to see, not what I expect to see!

Supporting Actor

  1. Neil Patrick Harris, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – this totally goes without saying. He deserves the nomination and he deserves the win.  He’s hosting, and his name has been on everyone’s minds lately.
  2. John Krasinski, THE OFFICE – for that bring-in-the-reserves moment in the finale alone, he deserves a nomination!
  3. Justin Kirk, WEEDS – He’s one of the main reasons I tune into WEEDS week to week.  Would love to hear his name called!
  4. Malcolm Barrett or Jonathan Slavin, BETTER OFF TED – I can’t picture them as separate entities, which might lead to their downfall, come nomination day, but these two are some of the most amazingly talented and funny people on TV.  If I had to pick one, it’s Malcolm (Lem) because of his fabulous turn in “Racial Insensitivity”
  5. Keir Gilchrist, UNITED STATES OF TARA – a lot of praise is heaped on series stars Toni Collette and John Corbett, but more attention needs to be paid to their Marshmallow.  He had one of the most authentic performances all year and I would LOVE to hear his name called!
  6. Tracy Morgan, 30 ROCK – I don’t think he gets enough credit.  He is in the shadow of Alec Baldwin and Jack McBrayer, but for reasons like “Are we in horsetown, because there’s a lot of Naysayers here?  Wordplay”, he deserves this!

Probable spoilers:  Jeremy Piven, ENTOURAGE; Kevin Dillon, ENTOURAGE; Jon Cryer, TWO AND A HALF MEN; John Corbett, UNITED STATES OF TARA; Rainn Wilson, THE OFFICE

Supporting Actress

  1. Portia DiRossi, BETTER OFF TED – She didn’t get any love for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, and now she’s doing more of the same awesome stuff on this show.  Give her a nomination!
  2. Jane Lynch, PARTY DOWN – The excited way that she delivers every line, like she’s always interested in what is happening, no matter how mundane – reason alone to nominate!
  3. Jean Smart / Jennifer Esposito / Melissa McCarthy, SAMANTHA WHO? – In a show that went from ratings hit to cancelled in like a week, there were some incredible supporting actresses.  I would be thrilled to hear any of these names called!
  4. Mindy Kaling, THE OFFICE – She really gets overshadowed by the other big stars (Jenna Fischer wouldn’t bother me either), but she is just so ridiculous – LOVE HER!
  5. Kristen Chenowith, PUSHING DAISIES – I just love her.  I would love to see the show get at least one nomination!
  6. Kristin Wiig, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – say what people might about her, I think she’s one of the most reliable cast members.  She will do anything, play anything, say anything, and still surprise.  If Amy Poehler could do it last year, Kristin can do it this year!

Probable spoilers:  The women of TWO AND A HALF MEN; Jane Krakowski, 30 ROCK

What do you think?