Interview: I SURVIVED A JAPANESE GAMESHOW's host Rome Kanda

Rome KandaABC had a surprise hit last year with the game show I SURVIVED A JAPANESE GAME SHOW and it premiered again this summer to great ratings.  I had the chance to speak with the host of the show, Rome Kanda, in one of the funniest and most sarcastic interviews to date, and he told me exactly why he thinks you should be watching! 

Oi, Hajimimashte! [Nice to meet you]

That is the extent of my Japanese but I wanted to make sure I said that!  How are you?
[laughs]  I’m fine, how are you?  Your Japanese sounds perfect to me!

Oh great!  So we want to talk about the show, and I’m very interested in how you got involved and why you wanted to be involved in this show?
I hope people will see that I can entertain in both English and Japanese, and this part was very perfect for me.  I thought the money was good, but I was wrong!

What are some fun things that we have to look forward to this season?
Rome Kanda.  Me!   Unless they cut out all my scenes!  Also, we did a lot of different things.  I just think it’ll be fun to watch!  And also, the games are more funny this time!

What games do we have to look forward to?
Oh I can’t give that away right now [laughs], you have to watch!

Why do you think people should tune in?
I think that they can see Japanese culture, and also can be entertained and learn something at the same time.  Not a lot of shows can entertain and teach you at the same time.  Mostly, they should tune in to watch Rome Kanda.  Also, to help us get high ratings, so we can go to season three!

When did you realize that you wanted to be an entertainer?
Oh, am I an entertainer?  I didn’t know that?  I think it was just natural.  I think it was determined before I was born.  To be an entertainer, or naturally funny!

I read on your website that you’re teaching the Samurai style sword fighting in Los Angeles on Saturday nights.  Do you still do that?  And how did you decide to be a teacher of the art?
I just wanted to change all Americans into Samurai!  I am still teaching in Los Angeles.

What else do you have going on these days besides the show?
I am in the middle of making a book.  The biography about Rome Kanda, how I traveled to America, how I get the jobs that I get.