MAKE IT OR BREAK IT interview – Peri Gilpin and Candace Cameron Bure


The other day, I didn’t know which way to turn, which was up, and which was down, because for a few minutes, I got to talk to two of my favorite people from TV, of all times, all at once, on a call for ABC Family’s charming new show MAKE IT OR BREAK IT.  Peri Gilpin (Roz from FRASIER!) and Candace Cameron Bure (DJ from FULL HOUSE) are starring together as the mother and future (possibly) stepmother (respectively) of competitive gymnasts.  The show was really charming, has great potential, and I think I can see it being a great companion piece to GREEK in the future.

Candace and Peri sat down to chat with me about why they signed on and why they think this could be the show for you!

I have to say, I watched the pilot of the show, and seriously, what a charming show this is!
Candace and Peri: Yay!

ABC Family has really been turning out some great stuff.  I think that this is definitely one of those shows that could be a great series!
Candace: We hope so!

Tell me a little bit about why you wanted to play these roles?
Candace:  I signed on, ABC Family came to me, and presented this show to me, I felt this instant connection to it, because it’s based on competitive gymnastics, and living in the competitive sports world for 13 years, with my husband being a professional hockey player, and I’ve moved to so many different cities, for him to play on the teams that he’s played on.  I know the sacrifices that it takes to be a professional athlete and the commitment level. And I love gymnastics.  Who doesn’t love gymnastics and watching it at the Olympics?  Just that instant connection.  This hasn’t been done on TV, a show based on gymnastics.  I loved the character, Summer, that they presented, and it just felt like a great fit for me.

Peri:  The whole premise is such a no-brainer, you can’t believe that it hasn’t been on TV before.  And also, the way that they’re writing it, is so exciting.  I got offered the part of the mom, and I thought, oh god, the mom, Charlie Brown “wah wah wah” and no one will pay attention to me, and I was so impressed with how authentic the kids’ dialogue sounded, and their conversations among each other.  And then when they would talk to their parents, I was very impressed with the authenticity of that, too, and also the level of sophistication.  These kids are so aware that they’re giving up part of their childhood to pursue this dream. As a parent of little 5 year old girls at home, the idea is so intriguing to me, because how do you say no, and at the same time, say yes, it’s a minefield.  These kids are phenoms.  This is not a normal situation.  These kids are also going through all the same questions that you go through in your teens about your body, and your self image.  It’s just on a world stage, with these giant goals, and I think it’s the greatest premise in the world for the show.

What can you tease for us about what to expect in the show this season?
Candace and Peri: EVERYTHING!

Candace:  We’re so excited with getting the script each week, and wondering what’s going to happen next.  Every episode, they kind of leave you hanging.  At some point, you wanna know what’s going to happen.  If someone’s going to get hurt, if someone’s going to take drugs to help them compete.  Whether one of the characters, Lauren, is going to have a catfight with one of the other gymnasts [laughs].

Peri: Lauren is Candace’s character’s Summer’s potential step daughter, and their relationship is unbelievable!

Candace: The stuff that comes out of this girl’s mouth!

Peri: You almost can’t believe it, but it’s very real.  There’s something very real.  There is a real reality base to it.  And then they take off to there.  I think there’s a great hopeful feeling about it.  You gotta have hope to do this, and the optimism.  And then my character dealing with some economic issues that are very prevalent in our society today.  There’s a real truth to it, and there’s also a great fantasy to it, and also, a lot of humor!


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  • Irene Buhl

    My daughter has always watch the re-runs of Full House, and DJ has always been her favorite cast member, I thought I would find out more about her. I went to her web-site and found out she is a christian (which by the way she is now my hero!) I showed my daughter her web-site and she was so happy that she loved God, it just made it more special to admire her work knowing she had the right heart. We are excited to watch the new show with her in it. So thank you for that!!

  • marcy b silver spring, Md

    I am glad that Candace Cameron could with gynastics to give her a change of pace. She is a great in acting as well as working and believe in god. I’m happy that she doesn’t think these language are right for the script writers to write for her to do the role. Let’s get our written words for them by contacting

  • Always fun to see what’s happening with people from shows like Full House. Candace Cameron was huge. The gymnastics twist is an interesting one.

  • Connie

    I love the show, even though we don’t have cable to catch it on tv, I watch the episodes online without commercial interruption. As a christian, I was encouraged to be strong in my faith when I discovered that Candace was a born again christian. To see someone so young and beautiful, loving God was encouraging. I think the teen girls in the MIOBI show portray what most teenagers around the world go through and the issues the have to face in this changing world of ours. as a 30 yr old, I can relate to all the issues the show talked about when I was a teen, from sex, to sports, boyfriends, friends and dealing with my parents as well. My fav character so far is payson….., I think this is so because I wanted to be a strong teen like she is…but ended up like Lauren most of the time…:)….