SOUTHLAND has my vote!

southland1I gave up on PRIVATE PRACTICE a long time ago, and ELEVENTH HOUR is over, so while I’ll be recording HARPER’S ISLAND over on CBS, I have to say that the show I’m most excited for on Thursday nights at 10PM is definitely SOUTHLAND.  Having had the opportunity to screen the pilot (and for you folks not able to wait until tonight you can check it out here), and I have to say, that while there are some cliched spots, this show has the makings of really fantastic stuff.

Ben McKenzie (how cute is he?) from THE OC plays Ben Sherman, rookie cop hooked up with the cliched jaded cop John Cooper (played delightfully by Michael Cudlitz).  The show follows them on their first day on the job, as they investigate a brutal drive by in South LA.  Other cast members include the amazing Regina King (she plays a tough as nails detective with soft side for her in-need-of-care mother), Tom Everett Scott (he is Spartacus, from THAT THING YOU DO, and I love him!), Arija Bareikis (who is one of my absolute favorites), Michael McGrady, Shawn Hatosy, and another perennial man of awesome, Keven Alejandro.

I loved the pilot.  There were little things here and there that I didn’t love, but in general, I love this show, specifically the lovely use of The National over the final scenes.  If you love sprawling drama set against crimes and danger (a la THIRD WATCH) with the story telling prowess of BOOMTOWN, this is the show for you!

  • I am blown away by the pilot! It helps that I had NO idea going in what the show was about, but of course, Ben McKenzie in a cop role was of course too intriguing for me to pass up. Did you get nostalgic over Homicide: Life on the Street? I sure did. And it definitely was edited differently, and cut to different cops or detectives faster than I realised. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of this show!