CHUCK Week Day 3: Just Because

Just because you should see what you’re missing on CHUCK:


Check out the goings on at homebase for an update of what all of our blogging friends are up to in support of CHUCK week: GMMR

Also, tune in tomorrow for another episode of CHUCK Week, and Friday, we’ll have an extra special surprise!

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For those of us into hot men:

Future brother-in-law of our hero – Devon aka Captain Awesome:


NSA Agent, CHUCK’s adversary who secretly loves him like a brother, John Casey:


And for those of us into hot girls:

Sarah, CHUCK’s handler, who secretly loves him, loves him:


Chuck’s sister and worry-wart, Ellie:


So not only is it one of the funniest shows on TV, it’s one of the hottest.  Start watching!

  • bztang

    Nerd herder 4ever

  • Roy Saizi

    Really Like Zachary…u Really my man for sure…..Captain Awesome like the name….I even gave myself a nickname of captain awesome…Ellie you really a good sister …Wish you were my sister to help me choose a good wife for me….Cassey dont threaten Chuck he is ma man…Sarah wooooow u really Hot…..Morgan tell Captain awesome to find u a good girl dont waste time on Ellie coz it wont work…hahahahahaha

  • tramnguyen

    sarah lancaster is so hot and beautiful! i love her