RESCUE ME is back!

tommyWhat are you doing tonight at 10PM?  I hope your answer is that you’re watching the return of one of the original FX series, RESCUE ME, because it’s back and better than it’s been in a really long time. 

When we left the crew, Tommy had suffered the loss of his father after a really rough season that seemed to travel all over the map.  The big theme for Season 5, so far, and at least for Tommy, seems to be the idea of staying on the straight and narrow, and dealing with his absolutely crazy family (and ex cousin-in-law Sheila who has stooped to yet another all time low this season).

Follow the jump for some things to look forward to this year!

1. Gina Gershon is actually still around for a few episodes as Tommy’s girlfriend.  As is wont to happy with just about everything Tommy touches, it turns sour pretty quickly.

2.  Karina Lombard (THE L WORD) guests this season as a French journalist that is writing a commemorative book about the events of 9/11.  My favorite part of this storyline, aside from the sight gags revolving around Lou’s little crush, is the passion it brings, and the conversations that the book starts in people.  Franco is the conspiracy theorist, and Probie is the inspired young man, and it’s all very well done.

3.  Sean will face some health issues this season that bring his brother and mother to town.

4.  In the meantime, Franco, Mike, and Sean open a bar with the money Mike’s mom left when she died.  What begins as a lumberjack-themed bar quickly turns into the darkest bar on the street.  Literally, when they decide the best way to go is without lights.

5.  Michael J. Fox is playing Janet’s new love interest and his interaction with Denis Leary’s Tommy is brilliance.

6.  Poor Mickey and Teddy Gavin – they’re both dealing with their sadness in the worst ways.  Mickey is off the wagon for a little bit, and Teddy just can’t get over the passing of his dad.

7.  Sheila.  Oh she’s crazy.  I wish they’d write her off, or write her better, or do something that doesn’t make me hate her.

8.  Black Shawn is hiding something from Tommy.  And it’s not good.

9.  Look for Maura Tierney this season, and look for a surprise return from one of Lou’s past loves.

Is that enough to convince you to tune back in?  It should be.  But there’s plenty more to watch for!  The show is back and I cannot wait for people to see it!