chuck-season-1In the continuing celebration of CHUCK Week 2009 and because I’m feeling generous this morning, it’s my great pleasure to give away 2 copies of Season 1 of CHUCK because it’s one of the best shows currently on TV!

Leave us a comment telling us what your favorite part of last night’s spectacular episode was (if you didn’t watch, there’s no excuse, but you are still eligible to win 😉  Just leave a comment telling us why you’re excited to find and love this show)!

Check back later in the day for a run down of CHUCK week festivities, and my favorite moments from CHUCK vs. The Dream Job!

  • The tranq darts with Casey, definitely. Adam Baldwin is amazing.

  • Alyssa

    Casey as a nerd! I love Adam Baldwin. And of course finding out Chuck’s dad designed the intersect.

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  • Shannon

    I loved Jeff tackling people for Chuck at the convention. He didn’t need a reason or to know why – he just likes tackling people…:) I can’t believe I don’t already own this. I remember I went to buy it when it first came out and the store I went to was out…and I just never went back for it…after the greatness of this season, I will definately be needing it tho…need more Chuck!

  • Lyn

    Adam Baldwin’s comedic timing is perfect and lets not forget the little nods to Firefly that he gives. In the episode with the Queen Vic Adam’s face as his beloved ‘shiny’ car was blown to smithereens was priceless. Zach is perfectly cast as Chuck and the Buy More team are hilarious on there own. Season 2 is even better-if that’s possible-then season 1. Did I happen to mention how sexy Adam Baldwin is? 😉

  • Vanessa

    Last night was a great episode! I loved Chuck in his spy gear. I also enjoyed him firing tranq darts like mad at all the bad guys, the pause when Chuck has that “oh crap…it didn’t work” look on his face, followed by all the bad guys passing out. Priceless. Zach has the most amazing facial expressions!

  • Kim

    My favorite part definitely had to be finding out that Chuck’s dad was Orion, because evidently I’m not as smart as everyone else and I completely didn’t see it coming. *grin* When he busted out with his electronic wristband, I clapped in glee.

  • Ryan E.

    chuck is terrific! It’s a great combination of “Office” comedy and “Alias” mythology and action. My favorite part of last night’s episode was Scott Bakula’s “Quantum Leap” shoutout. “Oh, boy” indeed!

  • Caleb

    I loved Casey as a nerd. Adam seemed genuinally excited that that NextExpo had started. Of course, Sarah looked hot as a nerd, but not as hot as the Nerd Herd outfit from Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer

  • Molly

    I just loved how Awesome made pancakes for Elle and how she was only worried about Chuck! His family really makes this stand out as a spy show! Plus, Morgan Rocks!!

  • brenelz

    Casey and Chuck’s tranq dart scene… and Sarah / Casey dressed like nerds 😛

  • Anita

    Seriously? You expect me to be able to narrow it down to one part? I don’t know if I can as there were literally so many great moments. If I had to pick just one, even though it wasn’t the most pivotal, by any means, I love Casey trying to do his dork impression at the Expo and clapping excitedly when it’s about to start.

  • Jennifer Roland

    My favorite part was during Chuck’s job interview, when he was struggling to sit in the fitball. I used a fitball as a chair for a couple years, and I felt the same way the first day I tried it–I was all over the place.

  • Maddy

    I love how Chuck can be hilarious but still resonate emotionally. Favorite moment from last night would have to be Chuck, with his dad’s encouragement, using the intersect to get the security code. Really cool moment and just opens up so many possibilities.

  • P D Yerf

    My favorite part would HAVE to be the amazingness that was Chuck running with the stolen button, and his father and Ellie yelling at the same time “No Chuck No!” and “Yes Chuck Yes!” 😀

  • Adam

    Whether it is the sandworm costume, or the tron poster, looking at chuck is is a lot of ways looking at my own life sometimes.

  • Diana

    Last night was awesome and had so many great moments, especially the Adam Baldwin tranq dart fall….but I’ll go with Jeff and Lester begging to go to the convention. From creeping up on Big Mike, to “stop counting”, to Chuck not being there (“as uuusssual”)…that whole conversation cracked me up!

  • Jane

    Favourite moment? It only lasts about half a second, but I loved Casey’s little-girl whine/giggle as he falls over after Chuck stabs him with MULTIPLE tranquilizers. “I’m going to kill you…when I wake up.”

  • dano

    Chevy Chase, who I haven’t liked since Christmas Vacation, was on point this episode, I just found him to be so funny yet soooo evil… loved it!!! oh and Sarah in the nerd glasses… HOTTT!!!

  • Definitely the sight of Chuck all kitted out in the weapons room, by far.

  • Chris N

    Two of my favorite things about last night’s episode:

    1. The chemistry between Chuck and his Dad. Zachary Levi and Scott Bakula did a great job and were really convincing as son and father.

    2. The “ooooooo” sound Casey made before he passed out from the tranquilizer darts. I wonder if that was in the script or improviced by Adam Baldwin? Either way it was funny.

  • Laila

    The best part? Maybe I’m just a geek, but I loved the awesome screens sliding out of the table in the intersect room. It wasn’t hokey and unrealistic, like holograms, and it was smooth and elegant, unlike other clunky futuristic devices in other shows. I love.

    (But Chuck’s face as he tranq’d the company security guards is a close second.)

  • Tony Thompson

    For me, it was the instant character contrast between Awesome and Orion (Chuck’s Dad). When pops and Awesome were left alone after “Elanor’s” breakdown, pops looks away in what seems to be embarrassment, Awesome comes over to introduce himself, pops says, “You must be Devon.” Awesome reaches out to shake his hand and pops just hands him his bag and makes a comment on their TV. It was perfect.

    The writers are so great at creating charachters and then bringing them into awkward/funny seens where those charachters interact. It makes for instant, great humor. I love Bakula’s character as Orion, and Chuck’s Dad. I’d love to see this character have an increased role in the show.

  • Laurie Thompson

    That was good Tony, but the funniest part of the show was definately Lester calling Morgan to tell him that Chuck was “cheating on the Buy More.” Morgan’s attempt at self-reassurance as he says, “I know, I was the first one he called,” was priceless. But it was the immediate response by Lester cutting through his bull and saying, “You guys are over.” That had me laughing out loud as Morgan hung up the phone and fought off the tears. That was hands down the Funniest moment of the show!

  • cdthomas

    Aside from the righteous tranking of Casey, the simple announcement Papa B. made — I AM ORION — clear, succinct, satisfying — showed me that CHUCK was a show that kept its promises, as fluffy entertainment and as emotionally meaningful drama.

    So much of the episode when Orion contacted Chuck was about needing a father — someone who understood the Intersect mess without playing him for a fool or planning to assassinate him. Orion was that person, and it was doubly satisfying for that person to also be his dad.

  • eelizbic

    I love all the zaney stuff on Chuck–the montage with Chuck dawning the gear while we assume it’s Casey and then Ta-Da! it’s Chuck in spy gear, I love the Nerd Herders having Chuck’s back no matter what, I love that it took three darts to take Casey down and that Casey was pissed he wasn’t shooting him with bullets. But, the thing I think I enjoy most about this show and this episode particularly are the relationships–Chuck finding his dad and his dad being crazy, Morgan finding out Chuck was leaving “him” and trying to be happy for him, Ellie seeing her dad again and realizing she was still mad at him for leaving (“pancakes”), Chuck finding out his dad wasn’t crazy and was in fact Orion sacrificing his freedom to save Chuck, Orion rescinding his previous statement about Chuck being able to trust Sarah and Casey and then in the end, Chuck standing up for his dad to Ellie (“don’t count him out yet”), even though he couldn’t tell her the truth about why we left…again. I think that’s the real glue of the show, for me anyway, I can’t wait to see how these relationships evolve, break and get put back together.

  • Nick

    My favorite bit was the “Oh boy” by Bakula. I geeked out like they had green-lit a Quantum Leap:TNG movie.

  • Jen

    I loved Chuck’s interview. He looked cute in his suit and funny trying to sit on that ball chair thing. I love his “what’s that? What’s that?” about the office. I also loved him getting all spy geared up! 🙂

  • Lynzee

    Oh there were so many great moments last night. Casey getting tranq’d, Hottie McHotterson Chuck all done up in his spy gear, Sarah and Casey being all bad ass and backing Chuck up when the door opened at the end…

    But the best moment, bar none, was the gleeful little face that ‘Nerd Casey’ made when they annouced the opening of the Expo. It was so quick– but SO priceless. Adam Baldwin has the amazing ability to be the tough guy– who’s not all tough. He did it with Firefly and he’s totally nailing it again with Chuck.

  • Ashley

    I think my fav part was when they were talking to Gen. Beckman and Casey almost choked on his words saying that Chuck was right even after he tranq’ed him. Their brotherly love is really starting to flow!!

  • I totally agree with Lynzee. Chuck getting bold and going after what he needed was powerful and sexy. But my favorite part also was when Casey “the nerd ” was clapping. Priceless. And I would like to see Scott Backula become a regular, he was awesome. Loved him since “Quantum Leap”.

  • Timothy W.

    The best part was when Chuck’s dad taught him that he could “flash” on his own. That was clearly a turning point in the show, and I loved it!.

  • KN

    There so many great moments of drama, action and big reveals, but I’m going with my favorite comedic moment. Jeff blocking for Chuck while he Chuck was running through the audience at the OS launch was hilarious. The cast is so great at physical humor.

  • Hayley

    Besides the fact that the episode was awesome in terms of tying everything together, and the whole intersect creator being his dad (awwwww way to keep it in the family! without evil star wars reference), I loved the bit with Casey keeling over on the steps after being tranq’d (actually, scratch that the entire scene), and just before he hits the floor he gets this gleeful blissed out look on his face (after threatening death to Chuck). Man hit replay. Love. This. Show.

  • I loved Chuck this week because it had so much heart. You feel for the characters so much and you want them to succeed.

  • Being a Firefly addict, having regular doses of a character strikingly similar to Jayne is a wonderful thing.

    Apart from that, Chuck just rocks. that is all.

  • Great acting, hilarious jokes, good action

  • Geraldine

    It’s difficult to pick one favorite on a show this wonderful but NerdCasey! Adam Baldwin is truly hilarious.

  • Valerie

    Every new episode of Chuck surpasses the last–this is absolutely my favorite show. I love that Chuck’s dad created the Intersect.

  • Jayme

    I love this show a ton. Although I already have a copy of Chuck season 1, I would love another one. My current copy is at a friend’s place so he can watch it, and, hopefully, get into the show. I have plenty more friends to hopefully turn on to the show, though!