What's On Sunday? THE TUDORS!


I don’t know what you’re doing tonight, but I know what you should be doing.  After cheering on the Phillies (yeah, you heard me, cheer on my team!), you should turn on Showtime, and check out the season premiere of the increasingly addictive original series THE TUDORS.

As you might recall either from your knowledge of British history, or your obsession with Season 1 and 2, Anne Boleyn, Henry’s second wife, has been beheaded, and he’s now married to the lovely Plain Jane Seymour.  Jane has made it her mission to bring the disgraced Mary Tudor back to court (in the process, shunning Lady Elizabeth).  Henry quickly tires of Jane, and [spoiler alert though it’s common knowledge] pretty soon, Henry’s out chasing skirt, and ends up married to Anne of Cleves (too ugly to be Queen?  I don’t think so, as played by Joss Stone). 

Though the real Henry was certianly not as hot as Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the history that’s being retold in these episodes is brilliant.

If you can’t get enough of THE TUDORS, you should check out what some of my friends from Showtime have put together to make all of the historical jargon seem a little more current!  Check out their blog at PopTudors and check out their latest YouTube offering about the highlights of the first few seasons: