ER comes to an end tonight

er-logoI cannot believe that ER is ending.  For 10 years of my life (I gave up righta round the time when Without a Trace moved to Thursday nights), this was the only show I had to watch live each week.  I loved John Carter, and Mark Greene, and Carol Hathaway, and Doug Ross, and Peter Benton, and Elizabeth, and Jing-Mei, and Jerry, and Frank, and Chuni, and Haleh, and even Romano and Mark Green’s daughter, oh and Yoshi.  God, I could literally go on forever.  But most of all, I loved Lucy.  Poor unfortunate Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin, get her back on TV, stat)!

In honor of the end of an era, an era when a show could attract 50 MILLION viewers on a Thursday night at 10, I wanted to share with you the scene that tore me up the most (first time I remember myself crying my eyes out well after the scene and show ended), and to this day, means I can’t watch numbers because of David Krumholtz’ hand in what happens in this scene:

What are some of your favorite ER moments?

  • Ana Maria

    …There have been too many moments over the years, but the one that immediately comes to mind is when Dr Ross comes out of the water with the drowning boy in his arms…and the last hour, when Dr Benton holds Dr Carter and as he does he holds his head, that’s when I started crying…