GIVEAWAY Thursday! Take Two: HARPER'S ISLAND prize pack!

harpers-island-prizingOur good friends at NMS in combo with the folks at CBS have offered us the chance to give away a agreat HARPER’S ISLAND prize pack!  The premiere of CBS’ latest show, a 13 episode murder mystery, airs on April 9 and runs through July 2.  I have to tell you, I’m not the biggest fan, but do you remember that show, MURDER IN SMALL TOWN X from like 8 years ago?  Yeah, I LOVED that show, and this show has the makings of a similar “who is the murderer, who is going to die next” vibe and I can’t wait!

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To enter to win everything pictures (a men’s t-shirt, a women’s t-shirt, and your very own poster of the characters), tell me why you think you’ll watch HARPER’S ISLAND! Also, stay tuned in the coming days for a gallery of promo pics from the show, including the run down of who is who on the island!

  • Shannon

    I will be watching this for several reasons. First, Jake 2.0 himself – love him! and Bobby from Supernatural! Also, I enjoy a good whodunit mystery, with some scare thrown in, and this looks to have that. And most important of all, I know the tvtimesthree podcast will cover this in detail, and I definately want to be in on that conversation! 🙂 So, even tho, I generally don’t watch much on CBS (except BBT, HIMYM, Mentalist and Numbers), I do like to support anything they put on that isn’t a CSI ripoff, another boring police procedural, or a terrible Two and Half Men type comedy. 🙂

  • Spencer

    I’ll definitely be watching this show! I’m a big fan of all things horror and this will likely be no exception. It has a great premise, one that will keep me intrigued and guessing up until the very end. I’ve already got the Harper’s Island app downloaded to my iPhone and ready to go! This is one show that I am literally counting down the days for! And winning the t-shirt and poster would be awesome! I’d be sooooooo happy!!! Can’t wait til the show starts on April 9th! 🙂

  • shauna

    Where do i start? Horror movies, shows and books are at the top of my list! I love the fact that this show goes into summer time. It seems that as soon as summer comes around there are not any good shows to watch on tv. So that alone excites me. I have been counting down the days until this show airs. I would love to win a free tshirt and poster. I have obviously not even seen the show yet and i know, for a fact, I am going to be completely, one hundred percent sucked in.It is ridiculousy refreshing to not see a 13 episode mini series based on some lame already been done script or love story drama taken from an over indulged book! ii am so excitred and cant wait!

  • David Scott

    I will watch Harpers Island because these people are just sickos….You never know what they will do next. I am addicted to this show like no other….I really am thinking that little girl has something to do with this or maybe even Wakefield is still alive…..Not sure. But, going to watch.

  • Well written post, looks brilliant on my iPhone as well.