ABC Wednesdays are the place to be!

I have not been so excited for a solid three hour chunk of TV as I am tonight, on ABC.  New episodes of our old favorites and the series premiere of my sure to be new favorite are enough reason to not change the channel (but be sure you’re DVRing LIFE and watching it right away after)!

scrubsUp first, a brand new episode of SCRUBS at 8PM, called “My Nah-Nah-Nah.”  After an inspiring episode of “SportsCenter”, Turk comes up with a new procedure to help a paralyzed team.  In other news, the Janitor (last seen dating his girlfriend Lady) and Dr. Cox start to struggle from some romantic woes!  I feel like SCRUBS has been really great this season, going back to the feelings of Season 3 and 4 , when the show easily handled comedy and drama all at once, and didn’t seem like a caricature of itself.  Don’t miss your chance to watch what is most likely one of the last episodes of the series we know and love!

better-off-tedThe highlight of my night (sorry new episode of LOST, you’re #2 in line for favorites tonight), is the series premiere of what could be a here today, gone tomorrow comedy called BETTER OFF TED.  Starring the fantastic Jay Harrington as Ted, the heart in the center of a wacky workplace environment that I would be scared to work for, this show had me laughing out loud.  I am not alone, folks.  Check out my review of the show on, and check out what Kath and Ducky have to say. Seriously, one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time (thanks to lines like “Halloween and pie” and a few well placed screams), and that’s thanks to the great cast – Portia DiRossi and Andrea Anders, Jonathan Slavin and Malcolm Barrett, and of course the lovely little Isabella Acres as Ted’s precocious 7 year old daughter, pulling it all together.  Kath literally took the words right out of my mouth – you will be better off for watching this show!  Check out the teaser and PLEASE tune in!!


lostAfter BETTER OFF TED, we have a new episode of LOST that I hope will answer the question of “Does Sawyer become a d-bag when Kate returns, effectively stomping on Juliet’s heart?”  That’s really the only thing I’m concerned about.  In tonight’s new episode, “Namaste”, Sawyer needs to figure out a way to get his new found old friends incorporated with Dharma so that their lie isn’t ruined and no one gets hurt.  It sounds like Sayid might be in a little bit of a predicament though, coming across Jin in the woods, and basically being called a spy for The Hostiles.  If this show does anything, it keeps me thinking, and talking, and reading every single recap and theory possible, to see if anything I watch makes sense in the long run.  Some fun guest stars in tonight’s episode – I’m sure they’ll be spoiled in the “Guest Starring” list when the show starts, but I’m not going to spoil them here. 

lifeonmarscastAnd finally tonight, ABC continues to air new episodes of LIFE ON MARS as it heads towards its sad ending at Episode 17.  Jason O’Mara’s real life wife Paige Turco guest stars tonight as another love interest for the sly fox Sam Tyler.  Sam goes undercover and he meets the gang leader’s sister, and naturally, I’m sure one thing leads to another, and something bad happens.  I just hope that with the end of this awesome show, we get to see Jason try it out on another show.  I love when he’s on THE CLOSER and loved his other failed series.  Hopefully, the 86th time is a charm!