Sad news: LIFE ON MARS cancelled

jason_o_mara_01-745861Sounds like my love Jason O’Mara may soon be out of a steady job (because seriously, he’ll continue to pop up as sociopaths on other shows, read: THE CLOSER).  Josh Applebaum tells Korbi that ABC told them to shut it down.  Our gang in the 125 is going to solve their last case around the 17th episode.  Luckily, the writers were given enough time (unlike ELI STONE and PUSHING DAISIES) to write a true finale. 

I’m sad – I really started to love this show!  What do you think about ABC getting rid of a lot of their brilliant dramas to make room for more shows like THE BACHELOR?


  • I do not regret this cancellation, this version is rather poor

  • I was just getting into this show, so I am not thrilled that it is cancelled but it is not a huge loss.

  • Rob

    If you LOVE Life on Mars as much as I do, please write to ABC and ask them to reconsider keeping it on the air at the address below:

  • Jeff

    I like the show, but I’d already seen it…on BBC America. This version was not that much different than the British version that aired (only a change of locale and minor tweaks to the scripts to make it fit the new locale). I think it would have done better if there were more differences from the original.

  • maddog


    This show had its problems from the very first episode. I’m sorry, but Harvey Keitel is now too old to play the overbearing police squad leader. It’s embarrassing to watch him wheeze through his lines and struggle with the physical action requirements. Secondly, Michael Imperioli was cast as the peer on the squad who is always giving Detective Sam Tyler a hard time. Unfortunately, as he displayed in his earlier role on “The Sopranos”, Michael’s niche is not tough guy, but bad guy with a heart (albeit a conflicted, wavering psychopath). Sure, ABC can afford the rights to the great 70’s music that the BBC obviously could not afford. But you run into problems right away when the original UK series was planned as a one-season-only presentation, and everything on the American “telly” is initially planned to run for years.

  • orlando

    How utterly disappointing the ending was. What? He’s actually an astronaut on his way to Mars and everything else we’ve been watching was just a programmed memory given to him by Windy the computer? That’s worse than John Simm leaping to his death so that he could return to 1973 to snog Annie. Is this the best the Yanks can do with this wonderful British export. I couldn’t believe it. And yet not surprising… Oh well. on to the second series of Ashes to Ashes. I liked that Gene Hunt better anyway.

  • Geeklady

    I’m very disappointed that the show was cancelled. The last episode tied up loose ends nicely and I didn’t see it coming. I still thought Sam was in a coma. We did have little hints like the mini space rovers coming out of eyes and noses but I thought it could be the oxygen getting to him.
    I wish they’d do a prequel, I enjoyed the 70’s music and historical references.