Ashley Newbrough talks PRIVILEGED

ashleynewbrough_2008Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of joining in on a conference call with some good friends to talk PRIVILEGED with one of the shows stars – Ashley Newbrough, who plays Sage Baker!  She had a lot of great things to say about what’s coming up, and why now is as good a time as any to get yourself addicted to this show!

I was wondering how you think having a love interest has changed Sage?
It’s changed her in a lot of ways.  It’s forced her to sort of be a little more senstive and watch what she says a little bit more, I think, which is good for her.  Especially when it’s Luis because he doesn’t put up with her crap or he doesn’t back down from any of her mean remarks.  It’s definitely made her re-evaluate what she says and think about how she’s treating people because he doesn’t really put up with it, so I think that’s kind of matured her in a way.  Just dealing with the feelings of having a crush on someone.  I think has just made her grow up a little bit and accept the fact that she’s going to let him in, and be a little bit vulnerable with him.  Which are all things she’s never experienced before because she says she’s never liked someone this much.

I’m interested in what initially drew you to the character of Sage?
When I first read the character breakdown of Rose and sage, I was really drawn to Sage because I love that she came across to me as a very interesting character because you could tell she was damaged.  Underneath all that like, ice and meanness, she was a good person somewhere.  She, being only 16, and having lost her parents when she was 6, I think that all forced her to grow up really fast, and sort of made her different than all of the other regular mean girls on television shows or in life.  I think that she has all these reasons for why she’s so mean and guarded, and why she makes fun of everybody so much.  I liked that she did have something underneath, and I also liked how she was so protective of her sister.  She can be mean to everybody else in the world, but as long as Rose is happy, she didn’t care.  I thought that was very adorable and I really liked that, thought it was cute.

What has been your favorite thing about playing Sage so far?
One of my favorite things is definitely being able to watch Lucy Hale sing because that girl, I’m telling you, she’s got an amazing voice.  When I first heard her sing, in front of everyone, it’s insane, I was so shocked.  I came with her to the recording studio and it was so ridiculous.  I was not expecting her to be so good.  That was definitely one of my favorite episodes because of her voice.  And then, my favorite thing.  It’s always fun to play someone that you’re not.  I promise!  I’m not as mean as Sage.  So that’s always fun to do that.  Of course, you go into your trailer to get changed for your scene and there’s like $900 Dolce and Gabbana shoes.  To wear those, that’s always every girl’s dream. To wear that kind of clothing!

I was wondering if you had favorites from the season, favorite outfits, favorite shoes?
When Rose and Sage throw the Cuban banquet, they actually made that dress, the wardrobe department.  I just thought it was so much fun.  I felt very girly and dramatic to be in it.  That was definitely my favorite dress.  My favorite shoes are in the confession episode.  They’re these Dolce & Gabbana gorgeous shoes.  I fell in love with them the second I put them on my feet!

Would you say that your upbringing was as privileged as on the show and if not, what do you think was the most crazy thing about being PRIVILEGED?
I can honestly say that the way I was brought up, I would consider it to be more privileged than Sage because I do have parents and a family and a support system at home that means so much to me, and does so much for me.  You really notice that as the show unfolds, you notice, yes, they have everything money can buy, but they are missing that steady foundation of unconditional love from their parents.  They’re just missing so much.  All they have is each other, and Laurel, but Laurel has kept herself so distant that she hasn’t been an active part in the twins lives.  As far as that goes, they have quite enough money, and there have been a few times, where you know, we’ll be filming a scene, and we’ll have like a private jet in the scene, and we’ll be on a yacht.  Or like, we’ll be on location in some crazy mansion and it’s like, wow, people actually live like this.  It takes your breath away because it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

How would you say you’re like and unlike your character?
I’m like my character because I am protective of my siblings. I have three younger siblings that I love and adore.  I’m not like Sage because I am sensitive to people’s feelings.  I can’t say that I’m as rude as she can be, at all.  I’m like her because in a sense, I am kind of guarded.  I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve.  I guess that’s kind of a Sage trait.  I do love fashion and of course shopping and that’s a big part of the girls’ lives.  I guess that’s another quality that I have like Sage.

What can you tease is coming up in the last three episodes?
Well, Sage reveals a secret that will explain why she’s so guarded and it’s a pretty heavy deal.  It’s something she’s been carrying her entire life, well, since she was 6, since her parents died.  She’s been carrying this secret for so long.  It’s the first time she lets it off her shoulders, and says it out loud really.  And I think it’s good because it lets the audience in on her darkest secret really.  It kind of shows you what really damaged her in the end.  You get to see the softer side of Sage.  She’s very, very vulnerable, which is something that never happens.

Tune in to tonight’s all new episode of PRIVILEGED and check back later this week for more from our fantastic call with Ashley!

  • Peggy McKanna

    We love the show….the subject matter up till now has been clean & “family worthy”. Introducing SEX into the show has somewhat cheapened it. We felt it was a show that could be of benefit to our children….but now with the SEX we question that. Was it really necessary to do that to keep the show on the air?