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If there’s one thing you can do for me tonight folks, it’s tune into the spectacular third episode of LOST’s 5th season.  Small spoiler alert – tonight’s episode deals mainly with the goings-on on the island and our favorite off-islander not in the Oceanic 6 (Desmond).  Questions are answered while more are, obviously, raised!  Follow the jump for a small spoiler-ish breakdown! 

  1. You don’t see much, if any, of the Oceanic 6 tonight.  You get lots and lots of Sawyer and Daniel, and John, and Juliet, and Desmond and Penny, and a character named Charlie.
  2. Jughead, the title of the episode, refers to an particular nickname given to an important part of the island’s future.
  3. Juliet has a super-power that kind of saves the day.
  4. Desmond is my favorite character of all time – he is just balls-to-the-wall awesome.  He stays true to his silent promise to find Faraday’s mother.  His mission takes him and Penny-girl back to England.
  5. There’s a character named Cunningham, which is awesome, given that’s MY name!
  6. Every time I get a headache or a nosebleed now, I’m a little concerned about my future.
  7. Daniel Faraday is brilliance in action.  But he might have been a little up-to-no-good in the past.

There’s not much given away, but seriously, tonight is fierce!  There are two huge moments that really stand out, one involving John Locke’s birth, the other involving something that is too good to spoil!  Come back and let me know what you think!


  • I have already seen the episode as well and I share your thoughts on the episode. This episode is great and in my opinion is even better than the first two episodes of the season. Those skeptical of the time traveling twist should also be happy after tonight’s episode since I thought tonight’s episode really showed what the time traveling will be able to give the show and how it can be used to find out answers to our questions about the island.

  • Julia

    I agree and I feel like there are so many themes in season 5 – its going to be great! Has anyone heard of Al Trautwig – the Knicks/Rangers commentator – also a HUGE LOST FAN . Anyway, He started a weekly video blog where he shares his LOST theories and it’s really interesting..He brings up some good points about time travel and how he thinks Miles is Dr. Marvin’s son! watch it here: