Sam Anderson talks LEVERAGE and LOST

sam-as-hollandI recently had the chance to chat with the incomparable Sam Anderson, the character actor that you know from just about every TV show in the last 30 years.  He currently plays Bernard Nadler on LOST and is guest starring in an episode of LEVERAGE, airing tonight on TNT.  He plays a character who does some dastardly deeds, and ends up getting scammed by Nate and the team.  We spoke for over ten minutes, and he just seems like one of the most down to earth actors I’ve talked to in a long time.

Here is a little excerpt from the interview that is running over on partner site theTVAddict:

Tell me about your role on LEVERAGE. I’m loving this show and am so I’m excited to see you on it.
Sam Anderson:
Oh, good, because I love it too. It’s very, very different from my role on LOST for sure. I play a very ruthless contractor, major contractor, who with my 2 sons, go into disaster areas, like Hurricane Katrina, offer to rebuild people’s houses or fix them or do whatever needs to be done, and never do the work. And when they refuse to pay, I remind them of their contract which has a lien on their property if they don’t pay, we take their property, we kick them out, and we move on.

What attracted you to this role?
Well, I love Dean Devlin. I love Tony Bill who is the director and it was so different from what I do on LOST that I just thought “Oh how much fun could this be?!” Also, just the underlying issue of that, even though there’s a lot of this that’s very funny. The underlying story is that there certainly are a lot of ruthless people in the world, and we’ve heard a lot about them in the news recently. I love seeing that. I love seeing that, even if it’s fiction, I love seeing them get their comeuppance.

Read the rest of the interview over at theTVAddict and let me know what you think!