Happy LOST-day!

lost-cast-season-5It’s a beautiful day, folks!  At long last, LOST is making it’s triumphant return to ABC’s primetime lineup (I mean, to be fair, it’s only been gone for about 7 months, but it seems like forever)!  And I could not be more excited!

I had the chance to screen the first three episodes of this upcoming 5th season, and I am so excited to say that this show is running full steam ahead towards its 2010 series finale with guns blazing.  In the first two hours alone, there are revelations, some answers to questions we’ve had for a while now, some awesome gun fights, a Shirtless Sawyer, the (sometimes incredibly shocking to the point where you find your jaw on the floor for two seconds) return of familiar faces, and plenty of “oh now, what the hell?” type of moments that the writers throw at us!

The opening act of the premiere is familiar in the way it involves a record player and a few familiar faces.  From there, the show spirals out of control in the best way possible so that by the end, you sit thinking “Wait a minute, what did I just see?”  I don’t want to give too much away, but do a little following of the jump and see some of my favorite things from these episodes that are a little spoilerific –

  • Sawyer Shirtless is blissful, and someone we know and love might be picking up on the hotness, too!
  • Miles is a welcome addition to the cast, and I hope Ken Leung is around for the whole show.
  • You find out what happened to the island and Daniel Faraday’s people on the speedboat almost right away.
  • Hurley’s recap of the last four seasons of the show is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on LOST in a long time.  His t-shirt isn’t half bad, either!
  • Be on the lookout for some pounding headaches and the followup nosebleeds. 
  • I love Rose and Bernard.
  • Ben Linus is my favorite person on TV.

I suggest you watch the premiere with someone else in the room, if only to say “Did you just see that” or “oh my God, no way” to someone and not just yourself.

Come back after tonight’s premiere and let me know what you thought!!

  • I actually got to see the first three episodes as well and I have to say that they were awesome. After three episodes Lost is already off to a great start and Lost fans will have plenty to talk about this season. I can’t imagine a Lost fan being disappointed with tonight’s episodes.

    As far as your spoilers are concerned I agree with what you have to say about Hurley. I found Hurley’s ridiculous shirt hilarious and his recap of the show was even funnier (it also truly shows how wacky the storyline of Lost has been).

    It’s too bad that I have seen the first three episodes though. Now I have to wait two weeks for another new episode. Two weeks is so long.

  • Oh I know! I hate the having to wait until the show catches up to me! But I am so excited for this season after seeing these episodes that it kind of evens out ha!