BSG: And the 5th Cylon is…

pixellated-cylon….kind of a letdown (if you haven’t watched Season 4.5’s brilliant premiere, skip this post).  After watching an already depressing mid-season premiere of one of the finest shows on television, none of the people that I thought were the 5th, turned out to be the 5th.

I’m sure that Ron Moore and team have plenty up their sleeves to explain the latest turn of events.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping.  The interviews that I’ve read with Ron say that this idea came to him at least 2 years ago, and that he felt it was a totally natural realization that this peron (who you can find after the jump) was the final Cylon, but I feel almost like it’s a bit reaching. 

The episode was otherwise amazing, with one of my favorite characters taking a trip to visit the Gods, if you catch my drift, and another one totally losing her marbles over something she finds on Earth.  I think we’re in for an amazing Final season, what about you?  After the jump, the Cylon revealed: