PSYCH goes "Six Feet Under the Sea"

psych-61Continuing their third season on USA, the gang from PSYCH is back with a fantastic new episode that involves notorious show-killer Ted McGinley, sea lions, dolphins, sonar tracking devices, and this guy.

The episode plays out in the same way that any PSYCH pans out.  I can’t pick a favorite moment, but there were plenty of laugh out loud moments (Shawn driving away in Henry’s boat ranks high, as does Shawn’s nickname for Gus when he introduces him to rival fisherman).  Oh and for Shawn and Juliet fans?  There’s a scene at the end that will both satisfy and intrigue you – it’s really good!

Follow the jump for some spoilery info about what’s to come in the rest of the season, as well as some more pictures from tonight’s all new episode! 

What’s coming up?

  • Lassie gets accused of murder and needs to rely on Shawn to help him out!
  • Shawn and Gus become firemen, sign up for a football training camp, try to out lie a pathological liar, and help a camp counselor-friend from their past.
  • Shawn’s mom is back, and so is HS crush Rachael Leigh Cook.
  • Other notable guest stars include Jonathan Silverman and Justine Bateman!

Sort-of spoilery pics from tonight’s episode: