MONK has a(nother) brother!

monk-6MONK’s 7th season continues tonight on USA and it’s another solid episode with a crazy murder scheme, MONK’s insane ability to have an a-ha moment in the middle of it all.  Oh, and did I mention that his other brother, Jack (Jack Monk, Jr, Adrian’s half brother) is played by Steve Zahn?

I’m always interested when this show explores Adrian’s family dynamic.  He is so damaged, most of it having to do with his upbringing and his family, so when we get to see him confronted with the fact that his dad did the same thing to another whole family, it’s intriguing. 

Couple things –

  • Natalie needs to stop calling Monk “Mr. Monk”.  It’s been what, 3 years now?  Sharona always called him Adrian…
  • Randy Disher is just the dumbest human being alive – if he’s SFPD’s like second in command?  I’d be worried to be a San Fran citizen.
  • Steve Zahn is fantastic.  His idiosyncrasies in this episode are hilarious – I hope we see him come back before MONK takes its final bow!

Follow the jump for some pics from tonight’s episode!

monk-1 monk-2
monk-31 monk-41