DAMAGES blows my mind

damagespicWell folks, after more than a year since the final mindblowing episode of DAMAGES season 1, Patty Hewes and company are back for even more mind-frakking than before, and it is so scandalously good that I’m having trouble forming sentences.  I know some people are still catching up on Season 1 episodes (hey Kath!), so I’m imposing a “follow the jump” for a mini review of what happened in the first 13, and what’s coming up in at least the next 3!

When we last left this twisted little world, Ellen (Rose Byrne, someone please give this girl an Emmy and/or – more importantly – a sandwich) was freed of murder charges, and out for blood – she wants Frobisher (Ted Danson) to pay for David’s death, and she wants Patty (Glenn Close) to go down for trying to have her killed. 

Patty, having won her billion dollar court case against Frobisher, and thinking she got away with near-murder, told Ellen she could have her job back.  Minutes later, Ellen is ushered into the back of Hollis Nye’s limousine, consorting with the FBI.  Ellen at first responds negatively to both, but that’s all changed in Season 2.

As for Frobisher, he is shot and left for dead by Larry Poplar, a plaintiff who was leaking information.

Here’s where the fun begins – just a few little teasers about what to expect in the brand new season of DAMAGES!  The premiere airs tonight, commercial free, on FX!

  • Ellen is a freaking badass.  She is stone cold and classy and really, really frakked up.  She’s turning into Patty Hewes before our very eyes! But seriously, this Rose Byrne compared to last season’s Rose Byrne is about 20 lbs thinner and I’m worried about her…
  • Patty is seriously struggling with having seen Ray Fiske (Emmy award winner Zeljko Ivanek, who pops up for a little cameo) commit suicide in front of her and it’s affecting her every day life.
  • Ellen and Tom are Patty’s right hand people again this year, but Ellen is much wiser, and Tom seems to be the naïve one these days.
  • Uncle Pete has a bit of a larger role this year.
  • William Hurt joins the cast as an old friend of Patty’s (in one of the only really predictable plot lines from episodes 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3) who is accused of a crime he didn’t commit.
  • Timothy Olyphant is beautiful and even though I’m 100% certain he’s up to no good, I like his character so far.
  • Marcia Gay Harden is the bees knees – her and Glenn Close?  It’s almost too much awesome.
  • Ted Danson is back – I won’t say in what capacity, so as not to spoil anything, but he’s brilliant.
  • Aside from big name guest stars like that, look out for favorites Paige Turco and Brett Cullen in plot-driving roles.
  • Every episode of the three that were made available for review before the premiere had me gasping in a “what the…?” kind of fashion.  I cannot cannot wait until the fourth episode – this show gets better with each episode!

FX will rerun the premiere over the next few days – be sure to get caught up on Season 1, and tune in for the continuation of, in my opinion, one of the greatest dramas on TV!