SCRUBS is back!

scrubs-3Tonight is the night. SCRUBS is back, both literally (airing two episodes on new network ABC at 9 and 9:30) and figuratively (they found the funny and the charm again).

After 7 years of almost cancellation on NBC, ABC (the show is produced by ABC Studios) snapped up the fantastic comedy for what most are calling it’s final season of the show as we know it. That’s not to say that a spin-off won’t happen (pay close attention to the interns), but for the most part, the SCRUBS we’ve known is entering the final leg!

Some spoilery pre-caps of tonight’s new episodes are after the jump!

scrubs-1At 9, ABC airs “My Jerks”, the 8th season premiere.  Courtney Cox (Arquette?) guest stars as Kelso’s replacement as Chief of Staff, Dr. Maddox.  She’s beautiful, a little crazy, and completely obsessed with making money over providing quality care (Kelso is not working at the hospital, but he’s still around).  Right off the bat, she picks Elliot as her favorite, which of course throws the fragile JD into one his tail spins.  Perry doesn’t like her at all; the Janitor likes her even less.  In other news, JD hates his interns (and I kind of don’t blame him) and he struggles with them.  Also, Keith?  Still not over the whole “Elliot ended the engagement” thing!  And Ted is still there and just as awesome and ridiculous as ever.

scrubs-2Episode 2, airing at 9:30 and titled “My Last Words,” is one of the best episodes I think I’ve seen of this show.  Apparently, JD and Turk have been going to “Steak Night” at the local steak place for a decade, but a dying patient compels them to stay a while, and confront their own fear of death.  That patient, played by the incomparable Glynn Turman, moved me to tears.  A show that makes you laugh and cry is worth its weight in gold.

Don’t miss out on the what Zach Braff has openly called his final season – you will regret it!