Don't miss the NIP/TUCK premiere!

nt-mainIt feels like forever since we’ve been away from our friends in La-La Land.  Sean and Christian had a crazy first half of Season 5 and from what I’ve seen in tonight’s season re-premiere, it’s not going to get any saner!

Here’s just a few things to look forward to in tonight’s jam-packed return:

  • Crazy Colleen (Sharon Gless makes a (no offense, but one hopes) final guest appearance)
  • No Julia, No Eden (thank Heavens…she’s over on 90210 stirring up trouble)
  • Breast Cancer scares and diagnoses
  • A kind of Stable Matt McNamara
  • Lots of sex
  • Wheelchairs
  • 17-year-old surgeons from ALIENS IN AMERICA (Adhir Kalyan plays Dr Raj, an Indian wünderkind)
  • Inappropriate teacher-student relationships
  • The NIP/TUCK we know and love

This show really knows how to shock, and you don’t want to miss out on what they’re offering with this next few sets of episodes!

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