5 reasons to watch tonight's PRIVILEGED


PRIVILEGED has easily become my favorite new show of the season.  Having gotten a chance to see tonight’s episode (called “All About What Lies Beneath”) ahead of time, I want to impart some wisdom on you about why you should watch!

1.  Joanna Garcia (Megan Smith) is one talented lady – She is funny, charming, klutzy, romantic, gorgeous, awesome, sad, heartbreaking, and just about everything you can imagine.  All in this episode alone!  She starts out freaking out over how slowly the physical side of her relationship with Will is chugging along, and it quickly snowballs to include how her mother left her when she was younger.  You cannot argue with talent!

2.  The struggle of the Cuban children as told by the Palm Beach Synchronized Swimmers – Yeah, that about sums that up.

3.  Trouble in paradise – and lots of Marco time!  Marco’s boyfriend Keith has found the perfect location for the cafe that Marco always wanted to open!  But trouble erupts when Marco realizes that perhaps he doesn’t want to leave what he’s doing with his life right now!  In other couple news, Mandy is mad at Charlie for asking Megan to help him with his college applications.  Like we talked about last week, Charlie (and his portrayer) are headed out of Palm Beach and Mandy isn’t excited about his relationship with Megan, at all!

4.  New love Sage seems much happier when she’s fighting with people than when she’s nice to them, so it’s a nice surprise to watch her relationship with Luis start to take shape.  The outfits in the picture above are from the Cuban-charity lunch that Rose throws together in an effort to get Sage and Luis to spend extra time together, planning the menu.  Good intentions don’t always equal good outcomes, but the way the episode plays out, it’s very sweet!

5.  You don’t want to lose another fantastic comedy-drama with heart and soul too soon – Friends, I know you already miss PUSHING DAISIES and ELI STONE; don’t let another brilliant show with heart and laughter and joy and sadness and fantastic-ness (is that a word?) escape us!  Do your best to watch this show tonight – even if you haven’t watched it before.  It’s easy to catch up on and you will be as smitten as I am!

As for what’s coming up on PRIVILEGED in the coming weeks?  Charlie heads off to the Seaworld of the West and, as mentioned by my buddy Mitovich, LIPSTICK JUNGLE hottie (did I just use that word?) Robert Buckley joins the show for a few episodes as the editor-in-chief of a magazine where Megan and Will want to get jobs.  Rina Mimoun promised us a few months back that if we got this show a second season, there’s a chance we’ll see Gregory Smith from EVERWOOD on the series, as well. 

What are you waiting for?  Watch PRIVILEGED tonight at 9 (my suggestion is that you DVR PRIVILEGED and watch SCRUBS or DVR SCRUBS and watch PRIVILEGED…it’s your decision to make)!