tsotatStrike up the (overly-generalized and stereotyped) marching band, ABC Family’s mega-hit THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER returns tonight and there is plenty going on to keep viewers interested.  Possible spoilers for tonight’s episode lie just after the jump!

  • The episode is titled “The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager” so do with that what you will. Hint:  There is a wedding.
  • It is surprisingly easy to get a fake ID in Nevada, especially when you have a giant Nevada driver’s license mockup in your classroom at the high school.
  • Amy’s mom and dad are getting a divorce, but his new “apartment” is not far enough away for Anne to be happy.
  • Tom (Grace’s brother) has a new girlfriend that his mother set him up with, and he ends the episode with a surprise announcement.
  • Adrian’s mother is trying to get back together with Adrian’s father in a roundabout kind of way.
  • Dr Bowman is still angry at his wife, so he’s off on some golf outings for this episode.  But don’t worry, John Schneider will be back.
  • Grace and Ricky are getting it on and because Kathleen Bowman is mad at her hubby as well, Ricky and Grace can go out whenever they want!  Alice and Jack are pretty much together.  And Henry wants desperately to date Ashley, but she seems to not be having any of it (that could be her limited facial expressions tricking me).

What’s coming up this season?

  • Fallout from the wedding
  • A return visit to band camp
  • Adrian will try to tempt Ricky, behind Grace’s back, and it seems like it might work

Will you guys be tuning in?  What’s your take on this new season?