THE BACHELOR is back tonight

jason-bachelorIs the 13th time the charm for ABC’s “hit” show, THE BACHELOR?  Jason Mesnick, whose heart was broken in a few million pieces in front of a few million people last year when DeAnna Pappas let him get down on one knee, only to turn him down for a snowboarding Jesse (whom she has since dumped).

I had the chance to check out the two-hour season premiere (curses, ABC, for not allowing me to see the end and who he kept in the first elimination ceremony) and once again the show has drawn me in.  I’m for some reason drawn to the plight of this single father (Ty is too cute for words) and I really hope that he finds true love.  The women that they’ve assembled for this show run from drunk to slutty, and all things in between, but I do see some potential in at least 4 or 5 of the women to be a good match for Jason.  My only complaint is that Jason is going to bring Ty around more than once and the poor little boy is going to get attached to one of the ladies, and then he’s going to be hurt.  I care more about the poor kid’s heart than Jason’s!

But anyway!  Here are my favorites so far, and we’ll see what happens for these ladies as we go –

megan1Megan is a single mom and lacrosse coach (aged 25) from my state of PA.  Something about her seems down to earth and easy going.  But at the same time, I think she’s a total competitor, and think her claws will come out easily!

nikkiNikki is an Administrative Assistant (she’s 29) and she lives in IL.  I’m not sure what it is about her, I just liked her right off the bat.

staciaAnother single mom, Stacia was maybe at the very top of my favorites list.  She’s 24 and acts as a charity accountant.  I know we’re only 2 hours in, but I’m picking her.

naomiI don’t think Naomi is right for Jason at all, but she’s my favorite so far because she’s sassy, totally realizes this is a game, and when she does her interviews to the camera, she’s funny!  She’s a 24 year old flight attendant, which, I guess means Jason can travel, but I worry she’ll be one of the first ones gone.

If you watch, let me know your take on the girls / Jason!