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ABC’s latest reality show offering, from Tyra Banks and Asthon Kutcher, is a lot like that other Tyra Banks show.  The hitch this time with TRUE BEAUTY?  These contestants aren’t just being judged on their outward appearance.  It’s truly what’s on the inside that counts.

Supermodel and all around amazing woman Cheryl Tiegs is one of the not-seen judges on the show, and she took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about what to expect!

So tell us, in your own words, for people who aren’t sure, or haven’t heard about the series – what is TRUE BEAUTY?
There are ten contestants and they think it’s based on outer beauty, but really, we’re looking at their inner beauty, but they don’t know it.  We have 54 cameras set up, we have a spy room so that we can see how they interact with the other contestants and how they act in the little tests that we put forth every week.  Whether it’s out in the city, or hiking, or doing whatever they’re doing, just how they treated other people.  There were some people who exploded with anger, there were some people who did random acts of kindness.  There were people who cared for the environment and some didn’t.  Some gave to charity, some didn’t.  So we were able to see all that, to see what kind of person they really were or are.

The whole time, they think they’re being judged on their outward beauty.
Yes, they were so frustrated because we kept emphasizing outer beauty.  “Oh look at that photograph, you don’t look that good, so you’re going to go on your way to elimination.”  We got a few arguments from them.  The judges did not have any interplay with the contestants at all.  We were not allowed to speak with them.  That was truly on outer beauty.  When they were complaining, some of them to us, like “What about inner beauty,” we were just stone faced.  It was interesting.

I read the bio, and it sounds like they don’t find out about the inner beauty aspect until they’ve been eliminated.  How do those that have been eliminated take it?
I would say for the most part, they took it really well.  When they finally found out that it was inner beauty, I would say most of them turned to us and said “Thank you, so much, I realize I have that character flaw and there is something I can do.  I’m going to go home and be proud of what I did.  And I’m going to remember this” and blah blah blah.  So, I think for the most, they did take it very well.  For the most part.

Why is it important now that a show like this is on the air?
I have always thought it was very important to let the public realize that it’s not just outer beauty.  I’ve seen models with perfect features come and go.  It’s a thing, comes and goes, disappears, because there’s no inner beauty that just shines.  They talk about “What is star quality?”  I think so much of star quality has to do with your inner beauty.  How considerate you are of others, how you get outside of yourself to think of others, to help others, to do kind acts.  All of this.  You walk into a cocktail party, and there is someone with inner beauty, people are going to be attracted to that person.  Maybe they don’t even know why, but they will be.  You don’t have to have perfect features to be beautiful.  I really, honestly believe that.  I’ve seen it.

How did you get involved in this show?
I heard about it.  I was in Ireland at the time and I did something that I’ve never done before.  I picked up the phone and I said “Can I be involved with this in any way I can.”  I said, “I believe in this so much” and I really, really, honestly do.  Again, I’ve seen women who don’t have perfect features and they are just drop dead greate.  You just really want to spend time with them, and you’re really attracted to them.  I just wanted to say that to the American people.  Don’t get discouraged.  10% of it is genetic and then after that you’re on your own.  And make the best of what you’ve got.  Everyone has a great feature.  So emphasize that and make the most of that.  Exercise, eat right, take care of yourself, take care of others, and all of that show.

In a way, the show can be inspirational.
That’s what I was really wanting to do, when I was in Ireland.  I said, I don’t want them just watching this, shutting off the TV and have no inspired them.  I hope that they will take this away with them in the sense that they will think, the next day, do something nice for someone.  Help them across the street.  Be a better person, with your attitudes.  I’m so used to not judging. I’ve worked hard the last 15 years to not be judgmental.  The person in front of me, it’s who they are, so who am I to say they should change?  I had to set that aside a little bit, being a judge [laughs].

What else is coming up for you besides this show?
I have a line of skin care, “Ageless Woman” – it’s under the umbrella of “Ageless Woman”.  I have been doing a lot for the environment.  I’ve been driving around in a fuel cell car and ACCESS HOLLYWOOD just named the Green Star of the Week.  I’ve been using that as a platform to talk about the environment.   I represent Cambria, and they’re countertops or flooring, natural quartz, but they’re very green, so I’ve had the opportunity to go across the country, talking about how to green up your home.  So I’ve been doing a lot of that.


Check out TRUE BEAUTY, airing tonight on ABC at 10PM!

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