GIVEAWAY: NIP/TUCK Premiere Poster


FX’s fantastic and fantastically off the wall drama NIP/TUCK is back on Tuesday and now is your chance to win one of 3 posters that we have to celebrate the newest season* – leave us a comment to tell us what you’re most excited about for the next set of episodes this season! 

*Giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada only.

  • Kate Mijal

    i am a HUGE niptuck fan, i was looking to buy one of these cuz this is insane!

  • Robert B.

    Not sure if the contest is still on, but I’m a Nip/Tuck fan from season one and sure would love a poster !!! I was looking forward to the show airing again mainly to see how they were gonna pick up were the last episode ended, and to see what direction the show ended up going. I was NOT disappointed with that at all, but I wish Nip/Tuck (& all my fave shows) would run a complete (22-24 ???) episode season (in a row) !!! I can’t wait till the show comes back again because the “cliff-hanger” was excellent, and now the suspense is killing me how it will turn out !!!!!!!

  • Eric B.

    Well i can tell you what my favorite part of the season was and next seasons hopes! ha i could not believe the outcome of christians cancer it was ridiculous and karma came to bite him in the ass! and next season im looking forward to see the way this marriage turns out