LOST Season 5 Cast Pic

LOST’s season 5 official cast picture is making the rounds.  What do you think about this?


Some things worth noting – No Frank, No Claire (but we knew that was coming), Charlotte is in the picture even though she’s not an official series regular.  There’s no Jin, but I refuse to believe that’s because he died.  He isn’t dead, no sir, no way.

I’m so excited for the season premiere – what’s your take?

  • I love lost! It is doubtlessly the very best TV show I¡¯ve ever watched! It is so head scratching, (definitely a thinker) intense, surprising, and even has plenty of comedy, and everything else you would ever want in a show!! It¡±s a truely amazing and complex story in an intense, awesome TV show!! I¡¯ve been so hooked to it ever since I watched the pilot! I can¡¯t wait for the sixth season to come! It even comes on my birthday, feb. 2!!! I CAN¡¯T WAIT!!!!