Giveaway: ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas Prize Pack

Howdy folks – it’s the official start of ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, and to celebrate, we thought we’d offer up a little prize pack (thanks to our dear friends at New Media Strategies)!

Here’s what you get:

  • A 25 Days of Christmas programming guide, with a tree ornament!
  • A 25 Days of Christmas Reusable Shopping Tote
  • A 25 Days of Christmas Poster


To enter, leave us a comment telling us your favorite Holiday-themed TV show/episode/special!  Winners will be notified Saturday, December 6!


  • DC

    I hope this counts, because it’s not a holiday-themed “special” so to speak, but it will rock your world, but my favorite holiday-themed episode on a TV show has to be Saved by the Bell, Season 3, Episode 24 (and 25)- “Home for Christmas”

    In these episodes, Zack and the gang learn the meaning of the holiday season, and essentially adopt a homeless family. That is after Zack leaves a homeless man some cash out of the good of his heart, then said homeless man has a heart attack, and Zack falls in love with said homeless man’s daughter. Also, after the group finds themselves inexplicably stuck in a mall production of “A Christmas Carol” in which they are forced to pimp out Moody’s Store for men so that Zack’s girlfriend of the moment doesn’t get fired because you “just can’t trust the homeless”

    Then Mr. Morris offers homeless man a job even though no mention has been made to him of the mans qualifications if he even has any. They then sing Christmas songs at the Morris household and all is well in the world. Forgetting the fact that they still don’t have a house and they are by all technicalities still homeless.

    Oh the meaning of Christmas.

  • Karrie

    I love “Nestor”…I am 38 years old and I remember sitting in my daddy’s lap when I was 4 and watching it. My mama told me I would always cry when I watched ir.

  • MacKenzie Brandt

    I countdown to “25 days to Christmas”!! It’s my favorite time of year. The best thing I like is when I invite all my friends over and we watch the Santa Clause trilogy! It always makes us laugh! Also, when Pixar movies come on we stay up late to watch them! I just love the season because it calls for friends, good movies/episodes, and hot chocolate! 🙂

  • Angela B Idol

    My favorite movie is “Three Days”. I love that show!

  • Julie Lauzon

    I love all the rankin bass Christmas shows :)! Ya can’t choose just one, there are many favorites!