EI: Carrie Ann Inaba and Colbie Caillat

colbie-and-carrie-ann1I don’t know about you, but I’m turning into the American Music Awards tonight for a variety of reasons.  NKOTB being one of the biggest, for sure.  I had a chance to talk with Carrie Ann Inaba (she’s hosting the Live Red Carpet show before hand) and nominee and presenter Colbie Caillat about a variety of things, most of all, why exactly you should be watching!

Amrie:  Carrie Ann, let’s start with you.  What are you most excited about for the Red Carpet?
CAI:  I guess I’m really excited, because it’s my first time hosting and I’m cohosting with Chris Harrison who is an old pro from THE BACHELOR, and it’s going to be a really fantastic show.  Everybody knows that on the red carpet, that’s where all the excitement happens.  I know the show is going to be fantastic and they’ve got great performers, but the red carpt is when everybody’s nervous and there’s an indescribable energy that kind of happens on the red carpet that we hope to capture. 

Is there anybody in particular that you’re hoping to see, chat with?
CAI:  Yeah, hello, all of them [laughs].  It’s the American Music Awards!  I get to interview Annie Lennox, I’m hoping.  I know Beyonce is coming down the red carpet, we’ve got Christina Aguilera, New Kids on the Block, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus.  We’ve got Motley Crue, and I get to interview Colbie Caillat, which I’m very excited for.

And Colbie, how’s the red carpet experience for you?  Are you used to it yet?
CC: No, I’m not used to it yet.  I think I’ve only been to a couple so far, and this is the biggest one so far.  Since I’m nominated and I’m presenting, it’s a little bit more of a big deal.  I’m excited that she’s interviewing me, because we actually get to know each other now instead of some just random person interviewing me.

CAI:  We’re going to have a real conversation [laughs].

I texted my vote in for Colbie, so hopefully we’ll get to see you accept an award instead of just presenting one!  Colbie, you seem to be everybody’s go-to collaborator these days.  Everywhere I turn, you’re singing with someone else!  How does that feel to know that you can do this with everyone?
I love it.  That’s one of my favorite things to do.  Jason Mraz emailed me one day and said let’s write a song together, and we recorded it.  Taylor Swift had me on her album as well, we wrote a song together.  With Juanez, and with The Wailers, so all these people I love their music and I have known who they are, and they’re asking me to be on their stuff, so it’s really exciting for me.  I love it.

Jumping back to Carrie Ann – do you think there’s a clear front runner for the finale of your other show DANCING WITH THE STARS?
Oh that other little show? [laughs]  I think Brooke was the frton runner,  but last week was an interesting week and she had some problems. I think Lance Bass has kind of come out as a front runner right now.  Warren Sapp is always a force to be reckoned with out there on the dance floor.  Everybody loves him and when he gets out there he brings the house down, so I’m excited to see who is going to take this.  I really have no idea.  I think they’re all equal competitors out there.  I’m very happy at the choice that America has made!

Last question for both of you – why should people tune in tonight?
CAI:  For 1000 reasons.  You’ve got performers who are incredbile!  But what we really want you to do is tune into the American Music Awards Red Carpet right before the show because it will warm you up for the show.  You can eat your popcorn while you watch us, with the fashion, the jewelry.  You’ve got David Cook doing a live performance on our show especially and then you’ve got the real show, which is going to be fantastic.

CC:  Yeah, great performers!