EI: DIRTY SEXY MONEY's William Baldwin and Seth Gabel

dsmYou guys, now is the time to start gathering the troops, the fans of DIRTY SEXY MONEY who have spent weeks telling all of their friends why they should be watching.  This show is 100% addictive, and it’s just one of the laundry list of shows that deserve to be watched over and over again!  Please do what you can to get eyeballs glued to their TV sets for this show.  

I had the chance to talk to two of the show’s stars and I’m even more excited for more DSM craziness to come.  William Baldwin (Patrick Darling), and Seth Gabel (Jeremy Darling) sat down with me for a few minutes to talk about what’s to come, why you should watch, and how this show isn’t just for women!  Follow the jump for more on the Darling family!

william-baldwinAmrie: I love this season of the show, I am so addicted.  I’m just wondering what could possibly be coming next with everything that’s been happening?
William: You know, we get more deviant, and more twisted, and it’s just crazier than ever.  Tonight we have this incredible episode where there’s this Linda Evans, Joan Collins, DYNASTY-esque complete thrown down between Karen Darling and Lisa George.  That’s sort of the main event, if you will, pun intended, of tonight’s episode.  As the season rolls out, the show just gets, it’s interesting how you read an episode and you say “wow, this is amazing, this is incredible, where do they go from here, how do you take this to the next level?” and incrementally, every episode, as the show progresses throughout the season just gets more and more twisted and more and more fun.

I’m trying to get as many people as I can to watch the show because I want to see it continue.  What would you say to people who haven’t tuned in, why should they watch now?
Seth:  It’s something you can easily catch up on.  The story is complex enough to keep you coming back week after week, but if you’re just joining the show for the first time, it’s easy enough to get what’s going on.  We have great recaps in the beginning.  What I’m always surprised by is that husband’s are always coming up to me and saying the wife forced them to watch the show, and now they’re converted and they watch it week to week.  It has a very broad audience.

seth-gabelWilliam: I hear that all the time.  I have people come up to me and say, “You know, I jumped in, one episode, I’m totally hooked” like you just said when we got online here.  You said “I’m totally hooked” and it’s one of those shows that is like that for a whole host of reasons I believe.  It’s one of those shows where if you watch one and you’re not hooked, and you give yourself a chance to watch one more, you’re definitely hooked by the second one.  If they’re not hooked after one episode, they’re certainly willing to give it, they certainly love it, and are certainly willing to give it a chance for a second and a third episode.  It only takes a couple.  It becomes appointment television.  It’s one of those shows that people sort of build their schedule around, watching it either on broadcast or DVR.   The fans of the show are just going crazy for it.

Seth:  Now is a great time to tune in to, because ratings-wise, it will keep us on the air, and also, we’re about to hit Patrick’s inaugeration (played by Billy), and once that happens, the lid just blows off, and crazy stuff starts happening.  Much bigger than we’ve ever done before.

I think it’s funny that you mention husbands coming up to you.  My brother just said the same thing to me – “my girlfriend made me watch and now I can’t stop.”  It’s not just for women!
William: You know what I’m talking about!  Seth just said it, I said it, and now you’re saying it, and we are at a critical juncture now.  We didn’t get the back 9 yet.  We’re about to get the back 9 but we don’t know definitively.   There’s a lot of shows hanging in the balance.  ELI STONE, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, LIFE ON MARS, [PUSHING DAISIES], and if this is the kind of situation, these next 4, 5, 6 episodes, if we continue to platform our ratings, and it continues to head in the right direction, DSM is going to be on the air for 5 or 6 more years, and if the numbers, if they flatten out for some reason, I just don’t want the DSM fans to give the network executives any excuses.  If we get a chance for the full 22 episode run, in season 2, which we did not have because of the writer’s strike last year, if we get the full run at 22 episodes, we will deliver for the audience, and we’re going to have DSM on the air for quite a while.   I can’t emphasize enough to your constituents, your readers, that the next 4 or 5 episodes are pretty critical and we would love your support.

We’re looking forward to what’s to come – like I said, I can’t wait for more, I love the show.
Seth: Oh us, too!

Good luck with everything.
Seth: Thank you for fighting for us!

Let’s get this fight going folks – tonight’s all new episode of ABC’s DIRTY SEXY MONEY is called “The Injured Party” – Letitia hits a young, pretty bicyclist with her car.  To avoid another public scandal, Tripp invites Wrenn (Sarah Carter, SHARK) to recuperate at the Darling mansion, where she charms a few, but makes others suspicious.  The claws come out during a catty showdown between Lisa and Karen over Nick.  Meanwhile fired prosecutor Nola Lyons delights Patrick with her aggressive ways as his new Chief of Staff, but Tripp and the spurned Jeremy are less than pleased by her presence; and, much to Brian’s surprise, Andrea (Sheryl Lee, TWIN PEAKS) refuses to fight her cancer by entering a medical trial.

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