Eric Kripke speaks!

There has been a lot of reaction (good and bad and the usz) from the SUPERNATURAL fans after last night’s episode that implied Jensen Ackles’ Dean was some sort of jackass and that’s why he contracted the illness.  Eric Kripke, the show’s creator and executive producer had some words of wisdom that he wanted us pass along to ease fans’ worries!

So I’ve never before responded directly to the fandom’s comments about an episode, and I don’t plan to make a habit of it, but I couldn’t resist dropping in a thought about the episode “Yellow Fever.”

Which is this:

Dean is not a dick.

None of the writers, or anyone on the creative team of Supernatural, think Dean’s ever been a dick, past, present, or future.  He’s a hero.  Dean did NOT contract the ghost sickness because he’s a dick.  Victims contract the illness because they use “fear as a weapon.”  Dean asks Lilith at the episode’s end, “why did I get infected?”  And she cryptically responds, “you know why.  Listen to your heart.”  We, as the writers, probably should have emphasized this mystery more, I take responsibility for that omission.  But the point is: the reason he was infected is because of a SECRET he’s keeping.  A dark secret that will be revealed in Episode 10.  And not at all because of any dickishness, implied or otherwise.

Thanks, gang.


Didn’t get a chance to see Jensen’s brilliant lip sync to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger?  Check it out here: