PUSHING DAISIES Aunt Lily Opens up

After watching last night’s season premiere of PUSHING DAISIES, I’m even more excited about the show.  How much did you love the bee shower that Chuck gave Ned?  Or Ned in his skivvies?  Or Olive singing in the hills of a nunnery?  Or Vivian just randomly showing up all the time?  Or the mystery, or the guest stars, or the awesome Emerson Cod?  I’m so glad to have this show back on TV!

I had the great chance to speak with Swoosie Kurtz late Tuesday to discuss her fantastic and brilliant show (PUSHING DAISIES).  She was kind enough to spend twice the amount of time on the phone that we were supposed to, chatting about what she loves about the show, how she really feels about her costars and why we should watch.

Here is my favorite answer she gave:

What would you say to someone who didn’t catch last year’s short season about why they should tune in?
Because I think they will have a different experience than they have ever had before. I think it’s kind of like taking your imagination to the gym. It’s a wonderful mind and eye opening way of looking at life, through a completely different lens. It tugs on your heart.

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