I’ve been watching THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW, and I have to say, she’s a very good interviewer.  I really think that she might be one of my favorite talk-show peeps on TV.  With her and Ellen on TV, there’s no reason we need to have Racheal Ray, am I right folks?

I’ve teamed up with my good friends at M80 for a giveaway of BONNIE HUNT SHOW Tshirt and mug –

To enter the contest, post a comment telling us who you think Bonnie should interview next!

  • Margaretta

    So didn’t think I would like her talk show, but I do. I could use another hoodie for sure!

  • Sharon W

    I think she should interview the guys from Kenny Vs Spenny. I love that show and would love to see the interview

  • Sandy

    I have watched her show from day one- she is awesoem and funny….and reallly a natural talk show host

  • Laura

    I *adore* Bonnie Hunt! I love this show, and I loved her short-lived half hour comedy.

    I’d like to see her interview — who else? — David Duchovny. She gave him a leg up in “Beethoven”, then cast him in “Return to Me” (after he’d made a name for himself as Fox Mulder in “The X-Files”), then he appeared on her show twice as the vain yet dense and hilarious weather man, Johnny Volcano. (Duchovny was nominated for an Emmy as Guest Star in a Comedy Series for “Johnny Volcano”. Sadly, he didn’t win, and he very much deserved it).

    Bonnie brings out the best in Duchovny; she understands his dry, laid back sense of humor and they are *perfect* foils for each other! They also, quite obviously, respect each other as actors and professionals, and that’s why they have chemistry that works so well.

    I’d love to see that chemistry one more time.