What's On Monday 9/22?

Happy Autumn, TV fans!  Tonight is ridiculous with the premieres, and the new episodes of shows that premiered earlier.  I have so many DVRs set tonight that it’s pure insanity!  ABC is billing this week “National Stay at Home Week” and I can see why.  We’re at the heart of TV viewing this week with just about everything airing in the next seven days!

On ABC:  DANCING WITH THE STARS’ 2 hour premiere is tonight at 8.  I haven’t seen anyone dance, but my front runners are totally Misty May and Lance Bass (because he’s dancing with Lacey).  DWTS is followed by a really strong final season premiere for BOSTON LEGAL.

On CBS:  A big night of premieres over on the eye network.  Starting at 8, the boys and Penny are back with a very solid episode of THE BIG BANG THEORYHOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is back with a laugh out loud kind of episode at 8:30.  I don’t watch it, but maybe some of you are interested to hear that TWO AND A HALF MEN is back tonight at 9.  If I were you, I’d skip WORST WEEK at 9:30, but curiosity might get the better of you!  CSI: MIAMI rounds out the all new night with an intricate “whodunnit” at 10!

On NBC:  It’s all HEROES, all the time tonight on NBC! Just Jody from Canada says that the first hour of the three hour event (airing at 8PM) is just one giant ad for the show, and isn’t worth watching.  I’ve seen the first hour of the brand new 2-hour premiere, and I’m back on the HEROES bandwagon so far.  I’ll wait until the second hour to judge!

On The CW:  Jusy Jody also says that tonight’s all new GOSSIP GIRL (waves to Canadians who get to see US shows early) is a bit of a game changer.  Oh, and Kelly Rutherford is finally back in tonight’s ‘sode!  Check it out at 8 and see what you think!  ONE TREE HILL is still dealing with the loss of Q, and it sounds like Haley is starting to finally wonder where on earth Dan has been!

On FOX: It’s TV with Dad night for me as I head to his house to watch TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and PRISON BREAK.  On T:TSCC, Sonya Walger (LOST’s Penny) is back as Charley’s wife and she’s in a pickle!  On PB, they do more stuff with the cards, and I hear someone’s getting a little tortured…

On TNT: An all new episode of RAISING THE BAR – this is the first episode of the show that I haven’t had the chance to view previously, so I’m definitely setting the DVR to see what happens!

On MTV: THE HILLS is all new tonight too, which begs the question – why do we still care about the LC / Heidi non-relationship?  Hasn’t it been 2 years or something? 

What are you all watching tonight?

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  • Just Jody

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂 Despite the lameness of the promo hour, I am still totally hyped for the 2 Heores hour premiere that follows! If the Untold Stories on the S2 DVDs are any indication, they have some crazy stuff in store for us. So jealous of all you who’ve been lucky enough to see the first half.

    Can’t wait for HIMYM either.