EMMY WATCH 2008: Outstanding Supporting ACTRESS, Comedy

This is the first year where the SNL actors get put into the acting categories, versus the Individual Performance in a variety show category, and only one person managed to squeak in!  Here are the Supporting Actress nominees:

Left to Right: Amy Poehler, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE; Kristin Chenoweth, PUSHING DAISIES; Holland Taylor, TWO AND A HALF MEN; Vanessa Williams, UGLY BETTY; Jean Smart, SAMANTHA WHO?

Should Win: Well, I’m terribly partial to PUSHING DAISIES, so one of my votes goes to Cheno and her awesome Olive Snook.  She’s perfect in this role.  I have to cast my other votes (because you know me and my bad decision making abilities) go to Amy Poehler because I think it would be awesome if she won, and Jean Smart because she’s brilliant as Regina on SAMANTHA WHO?

Will Win: I think Vanessa Williams could take this.  Holland Taylor or Jean Smart might be the spoilers. 

Should Be Nominated: Everyone else might say Jenna Fischer (Pam from THE OFFICE, who I agree is great), but I don’t see how Angela Kinsey keeps going unnoticed.  She’s hilarious and she truly is playing a character because she’s the sweetest person in real life. Judy Reyes from SCRUBS was snubbed, once again.  And where is Elizabeth Perkins?  Sure, WEEDS had a strange third season, but I still thought we’d see her name.  Also, though EARL wasn’t so hot this season, Jaime Pressly still knocks it out of the park!