EMMY WATCH 2008: Outstanding Supporting ACTOR, Comedy

Without everyone’s favorite sidekicks, the lead actors wouldn’t have much to bounce off of, would they?   Let’s look at the nominees!

Clockwise from top left: Jeremy Piven, ENTOURAGE; Jon Cryer, TWO AND A HALF MEN; Rainn Wilson, THE OFFICE; Neil Patrick Harris, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER; Kevin Dillon, ENTOURAGE

Should Win: I think Neil Patrick Harris is sublime as Barney on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.  He totally deserves this award.  I also kind of hope Kevin Dillon gets it, just to prove that it’s not the Jeremy Piven show.

Will Win: I feel like the voters are just going to cast for people who have won before, so I’m thinking Jeremy Piven will take it for a rather lackluster season of ENTOURAGE.

Should Be Nominated: Chi McBridge from PUSHING DAISIES.  His Emerson Cod is one of the best characters on TV!  John Krasinski from THE OFFICE, Jason Segal from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Ed Helms from THE OFFICE.