THE CLOSER Season Finale – Your take?

I woke up a half hour early this morning, basically throwing off my whole schedule.  The good news is that I was able to watch THE CLOSER’s summer finale before heading into the office.  I think it was one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen in a while, but at the same time, it was action packed, scary, and made me a blubbering crying idiot by the last five minutes.

[SPOILER ALERT – don’t click for more if you haven’t watched yet]

Kyra Sedgwick was great last night – she needed her purse out of that crime scene and didn’t care what happened to her if she went in.  I loved her interaction with Babs the robot (and Tao’s freaky love for it).  When Brenda Leigh looked square into Babs’ camera and said “Help Me,” I laughed so hard.  She is so passionate about her job, and solving crimes.  The realization she had when she recognized the mall as the target – it was brilliant.  The way Kyra portrayed worry and calm all at the same time?  Someone hand her an Emmy, please?  I like that Fritz took time during an investigation to mention paint swatches and looking around the hardware store. 

Though they were crazy people, two minutes to mention how great the guest actors were this week.  That creep kid who took too much of his meds?  Chills.

Let’s talk about the team, shall we?

Provenza and Flynn are the best buddy cops on TV.  I knew that when Provenza said he didn’t run, he was going to regret that or go back on that later in the episode.

Every one of these guys are so different.  Flynn is so relaxed, Sanchez is so intense, Tao is so nerdy-brilliant.  Provenza just makes me laugh, and Sgt Gabriel is a great straight person to Brenda’s often wacky unorthodox Deputy Chief.

I have to give credit to Daniels this week – she didn’t give up down on the ground.  I was worried for a minute when the previews kept saying one of the team “might not make it,” that she would be the one to take a bullet. 

Even though the previouslies showed us Sanchez’s episode where his brother died, for some reason, I didn’t stop and think “I bet they’re showing that because he’s going to be the one who gets shot”. 

When he threw himself in front of the bullets to save dear old Provenza, I was so upset for him.  After they took out the shooter in the brilliant bombing fashion, and the majority of the team and Fritz (Tao and Daniels ere on the ground) was left holding Sanchez up – dear old Provenza ran over to that helicopter.  I started crying right around when Sanchez joked to Provenza about it, and just was left feeling so sad.  When Brenda ordered him to breathe, it was just so upsetting.  I hope that this is resolved right away in the winter episodes, and that we don’t lose him.  Everyone on the team is so important – I don’t want anyone to die!

What did you think?  Will you be waiting with bated breath until new episodes in January, just like me?


  • Laura

    I can’t believe no one has commented on this!

    I *adore* “The Closer” and everything about it.

    You are spot on with your reviews about the show and its characters. They started out SO ambivalent toward each other and now they’ve turned into a team … a fabulous team.

    I absolutely *adore* Provenza and Flynn. They’ve turned into a somewhat updated version of Laurel and Hardy, only more cynical and rude about in their interactions.

    Brenda Leigh and her purse just kill me. I think she’d drop into a coma without it. Fritz is a riot in always trying to deal with her … and being her unwitting foil in USUALLY being the one to unknowingly give her the clue that solves the case by just making a casual comment (almost invariably NOT about the case).

    The entire team is wonderful and I’m glad they finally featured Sanchez in the heartbreaking episode before where his brother was killed. I’ll boycott, however, if Sanchez dies. He took those bullets saving Provenza … and yeah, I cried, too.

    The creators of “The Closer” created a brilliant show with a perfectly cohesive team, with wonderful humor and amazingly dark drama.


    In the first season, it took me a few episodes to figure out where I’d seen the actor who plays Sanchez. He had been featured in the episode “El Mundo Gira” (Season 4) of “The X-Files” … about the infamous El Chupacabra — the legendary Mexican goat sucker.

    It’s hilarious how Provenza literally sucks up to Brenda Leigh’s mom when she’s in town, and now her daddy has noticed it and is jealous!

    Brenda Leigh’s parents are an absolute redneck hoot! They’re so sincerely nice and so over-the-top that you can’t help but love them. And poor, long-suffering Fritz … he so hates being left alone with them … which Brenda seems to manage to have happen.

    The only character whose background or talents they truly have *not* showcased is Det. Irene Daniels (other than the fact that her character and Sgt. Gabriel had been seeing each other and broke up). Given the actress’ classical dance background, a very interesting side story could be written around that.

    I was actually sad to see the serial killer (who liked to burn his victims) was leaving their jurisdiction. He was creepy as hell … and obviously had a thing for “Just Plain Brenda.” I was hoping he’d come back. However, I saw an ad for a new show and recognized the actor as being one of the stars, so that explains that. Perhaps he’ll come back to do a one-off. He was so “Jeffrey Dahmer normal” he was absolutely frightening.

    I believe I’ve written a book. Maybe I shold blog? … nah … that’s YOUR job, Amrie!

    (P.S. ~ Are you going to have any “The Closer” contests?)

  • Elena

    i’m from germany and im only 17, and my english is not very good, so don’t wonder…

    I love every character of the closer,
    it’s intresting that flynn hated Brenda at first and now he likes her a lot.

    i cried too, i thought Sanchez will die, but now we know he is well =)

    At first I did’nt like Daniels, but now i realy like her beacause she is very cool!

  • Keep the blog posts coming. I like reading your articles. : ).