EMMY WATCH 2008: Outstanding Supporting ACTOR, Drama

So this is another stacked field from which it’s hard to pick a favorite.  These characters totally run the gamut – sociopatchic businessman, woe-be-gone lawyer, mentally insane crazy lawyer, womanizing ad exec, and Ben Linus.

Clockwise from top left: Michael Emerson, LOST; John Slattery, MAD MEN; Zeljko Ivanek, DAMAGES; Ted Danson, DAMAGES; William Shatner, BOSTON LEGAL

Should Win: I love Michael Emerson from LOST.  I think that he does so much with just one beady-eyed stare at one of the other characters.  He has made it possible to totally understand where a crazy person is coming from and to identify with his need for support.  Zeljko Ivanek from DAMAGES is pretty freaking amazing, too.

Will Win:  I hate the idea that they might give it to William Shatner.  I also think John Slattery has a shot since MAD MEN is ruling the world right now.

Should Be Nominated:  I love Zach Gilford, and think he does so much with his character of Saracen on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  I was hoping he would break through.  Last year’s winner Terry O’Quinn should be on here (I feel like he didn’t submit a tape), and I think, though the show was lame in its sophomore season, Jack Coleman from HEROES deserves a nom.