EMMY WATCH 2008: Outstanding ACTOR, Drama

The Emmys are next weekend, and I wanted to take the next few days to talk about who I think should win, who I think will win, and who is missing from the list, based on my (sort of) expert opinion!

Clockwise from top left: Bryan Cranston, BREAKING BAD; Gabriel Byrne, IN TREATMENT; Hugh Laurie, HOUSE; Michael C Hall, DEXTER; Jon Hamm, MAD MEN; James Spader, BOSTON LEGAL

Should Win: Michael C Hall is fantastic as the murderous DEXTER and I think Hugh Laurie is aces as HOUSE.

Will Win:  History has a way of showing us that we should NEVER ever count out James Spader.  He just keeps winning for BOSTON LEGAL.  I think Jon Hamm might take this though because MAD MEN is the hot new show.

Should Be Nominated: Say what some people do about the acting caliber of Matthew Fox on LOST, but I think he totally deserves a nomination.  And I know it wasn’t very long-lived but I loved Kevin McKidd on JOURNEYMAN (so glad we’ll see him on GREY’S this season)! It seems weird that we had an Emmy season without 24 and RESCUE ME, or I’d say I want to see Kiefer and Denis Leary up in that list, too!  I also cannot forgive them for not nominating Kyle Chandler.  He is the bees knees.  I love him on FNL.